Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

32 New York Jets

Just a terrible, terrible team. They are not hiding their desire to get the number one pick. It is hard to see where they even get a win from.

31 Cincinnati Bengals

There is a lot of talented players on the team but the offence is just awful. The offensive line is where all the issues start. They had a below average line last season and then let their best two linemen walk away. It’s going to be a long season in Cincinnati. read more

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NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Packers Hold On To The Top Spot….Just

The first Wembley game is finally here. This week the Jets and Dolphins will head to London for the first ever divisional game held outside of America in the first of three international series games.

The two teams are a combined 3-3 so far this season. Unfortunately this will probably end up being the best combined record of any of the games held in the UK this year. Both teams are coming off of a loss but have had very different starts to the season. read more

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