Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

32 New York Jets

Just a terrible, terrible team. They are not hiding their desire to get the number one pick. It is hard to see where they even get a win from.

31 Cincinnati Bengals

There is a lot of talented players on the team but the offence is just awful. The offensive line is where all the issues start. They had a below average line last season and then let their best two linemen walk away. It’s going to be a long season in Cincinnati. read more

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Which Undefeated NFL Team Is Most Likely To Get To 16-0?: Number Three

<<<Number Four                                                  Number Two>>>

3 – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have been one of the most talented teams in the league for a few years now. With the likes of Geno Atkins, A.J. Green as well as a pair of talented running backs it is a surprise that the Bengals have not been able to win a single playoff game despite making the playoffs in all four seasons since drafting quarterback Andy Dalton. read more

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Which Undefeated NFL Team Is Most Likely To Get To 16-0?: Number Five

Number Four >>>

There are currently five undefeated teams in the NFL, the most at this stage of the season since the merger in 1970.

In that time there has only been one team that has managed to finish the regular season at 16-0 – the 2007 New England Patriots. There have been three other teams that have completed a regular season undefeated in NFL history but all in shorter seasons. read more

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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: One Undefeated Team Must Go

Heading into week eight we still have five undefeated teams. At least one of those will go this week when the Denver Broncos host the Green Bay Packers.

Both teams come into the game off of a bye week but their paths to 6-0 couldn’t have been much more different. The Packers have looked impressive all season. Aaron Rodgers is once again amongst the favourites for the MVP and the defence has looked great. read more

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