Indianapolis Colts: New Year, New QB?

Steve Ovenden (@HappyHapySteve) takes a look at the quarterback situation in Indianapolis and where the Colts could go from here

The Quarterback, the heart of an American Football franchise, the playmaker, the man the team turn to in their hour of need.  Having the right man for the job is essential to every team in the NFL. With Free Agency and the Draft fast approaching it is the time of year that these decisions need to be made in preparation for the new season.  Do teams go for new blood from the Draft or Free Agency or will they stick with who they have. For some the decision makes itself, but for others they have some choosing to do and none more so than the Indianapolis Colts.  read more

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Could Joe Burrow really force his way out of Cincinnati already?

With the combine starting this week we are well and truly into draft season. There are plenty of stories out there. What will Tua Tagovailoa look like after his serious hip injury. How many of the many quarterback needy teams move up? Could the Redskins actually pass on Chase Young for a haul of picks? All of those will be answered soon enough, but one that seemingly gets more legs with each day that passes is about Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. read more

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Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots preview

Josh Capps looks ahead to the Patriots first game on Wildcard weekend since 2009. Can the Titans go in and pull off the upset?

For the first time since 2009 the Patriots are not sat at home watching the wild card games to see who comes to Foxborough next week. Instead they are preparing to take on a Tennessee side who have looked very dangerous in recent weeks and could cause some issues. read more

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Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots preview

Josh Capps looks ahead to the AFC East clash where the Patriots will be looking to wrap up an unprecedented 10th straight bye.

The Dolphins face a very difficult task this Sunday as they head to New England looking to cause an upset and stop the Patriots enjoying a first round bye. A win for the Patriots will secure the number two seed and a weeks rest going into the play offs. read more

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Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts preview

Steve Ovenden looks at the match-up between the Colts and Panthers

The end of the season is drawing near and the Colts are hosting the Carolina Panthers for their last home game of the season in this week 16 matchup.  Having sealed their seasons fate on Monday losing to New Orleans, Indy face a Panthers side whose journey has also come to an end for the year. The last two games are now just really a case of playing for pride and, dependant on results, where they will place in the 2020 draft.  If anything else it might be a chance to assess players and the whole team as a unit going forward into the new year.   read more

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Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints preview

Steve Ovenden looks at the Colts and Saints and whether the Colts can get back on track or if it will be another loss.

It is week 15 and the Colts are heading down south to New Orleans for Monday Night Football.  An important match for the Colts, a win keeps them barely in the hunt for a playoff spot and a loss puts that final nail in the coffin  for the season. The harsh reality suggests that hopes for the Playoffs is over, as a lot of results will have to go their way and they will still have to win all of their own games, starting with the Saints.  The Saints have already secured the NFC South and a playoff position but they are still playing for what seed they will have. They currently sit at third seed but first and second are still in reach. This game is not going to be easy for Indy. read more

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