Joe Burrow

Final Mock Draft – Falcons, Jaguars and Broncos all go up to get their guys

Ash Till brings us the final mock draft of the year. There are six trades, four quarterbacks and penty of tackles

1. Bengals – Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

The Bengals take their franchise guy. The Ohio kid returns home to give this franchise a new and exciting era.

2. Redskins – Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State

The Redskins take the best player in the draft, let’s not overthink this.

3. Lions – Isiah Simmons, Defence, Clemson

The longer this process has gone on the less I’m convinced the lions get this trade done. Lions stick and pick, and for me Simmons is one of a kind, giving the Lions a defensive piece like no other. read more

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Madden 20: Tom Brady is a Dolphin

Ross Bell (@RossBell1987)is aiming to take the Miami Dolphins from the tank to a Super Bowl. Follow his journey each week through the offseason.

It’s the start of March 2020 and the NFL season is in the books and congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Super Bowl win. Down at the other end of the NFL is the Miami Dolphins who somehow played themselves out of the first pick!  read more

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Indianapolis Colts: New Year, New QB?

Steve Ovenden (@HappyHapySteve) takes a look at the quarterback situation in Indianapolis and where the Colts could go from here

The Quarterback, the heart of an American Football franchise, the playmaker, the man the team turn to in their hour of need.  Having the right man for the job is essential to every team in the NFL. With Free Agency and the Draft fast approaching it is the time of year that these decisions need to be made in preparation for the new season.  Do teams go for new blood from the Draft or Free Agency or will they stick with who they have. For some the decision makes itself, but for others they have some choosing to do and none more so than the Indianapolis Colts.  read more

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Could Joe Burrow really force his way out of Cincinnati already?

With the combine starting this week we are well and truly into draft season. There are plenty of stories out there. What will Tua Tagovailoa look like after his serious hip injury. How many of the many quarterback needy teams move up? Could the Redskins actually pass on Chase Young for a haul of picks? All of those will be answered soon enough, but one that seemingly gets more legs with each day that passes is about Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. read more

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Tennessee Titans @ New England Patriots preview

Josh Capps looks ahead to the Patriots first game on Wildcard weekend since 2009. Can the Titans go in and pull off the upset?

For the first time since 2009 the Patriots are not sat at home watching the wild card games to see who comes to Foxborough next week. Instead they are preparing to take on a Tennessee side who have looked very dangerous in recent weeks and could cause some issues. read more

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