True or False: Dolphins v Saints International Series special

One of these teams will make the playoffs

John – At least one of them will I think it’ll be the Saints but wouldn’t be shocked if the Dolphins made a late run at the Playoffs.

Dan – False. When you start to look how the cards appear to be falling in both the NFC and AFC, it seems hard to believe that either team can make it. In the AFC the Dolphins probably won’t win the Division and I genuinely believe that 2 wild card teams come from the AFC West. In the NFC I can’t see the Saints beating out either the Bucs or the Falcons in their division and I think the 2nd Wild Card spot goes to either the NFC East or North. read more

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True or False: Steelers and Broncos both make the playoffs

Both the Steelers and Broncos will make the playoffs.

Dave M – True. The AFC is pretty awful when compared to the NFC. Outside of New England, does anybody really stand a chance against the best of the NFC in Houston this February? I don’t think so. But that is good news for both the Steelers and the defending Superbowl champs. Pittsburgh will win their Division, so they’re okay, but that loss on Sunday night in Oakland will prevent them from winning the West, but they are definitely good enough to take one of the wildcards. read more

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