The return of the First and Ten power rankings

We are back!

Some of you may remember that when I first started First and Ten I ran these along with four other people. We combined our rankings to get an overall power ranking. I hope this gives a more balanced and hopefully correct view.

We are bringing them back, only bigger and better than ever. This week we have 16 different people ranking (I will list them at the end) but before this all kicks off I want to thank all of them for taking part.

I won’t waste any more time, why not start with a predictable number 32…

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32 – Miami Dolphins

High 31 Low 32

So close to being unanimous. Somebody obviously sees something in these Dolphins.

31 – Cincinnati Bengals

High 30 Low 32

This team probably should have beaten the Seahawks in week one. That feels like a lifetime ago now.

30 – Washington Redskins

High 29 Low 31

A very predictable coaching change and got the win against Miami. There isn’t much else to say about them right now. 2020 it is.

29 – Atlanta Falcons

High 26 Low 30

Tipped by so many to be a contender for the Super Bowl. Maybe the biggest disappointment for a second season running. Dan Quinn’s time in Atlanta is surely running out.

28 – New York Jets

High 24 Low 30

Feel like they are a contender to rise up these rankings now Sam Darnold is back.

27 – Tennessee Titans

High 21 Low 30

I almost forgot to rank them. Until they get their now quarterback in the offseason they are the most forgettable franchise in the league. The good news for Titans fans is with a real quarterback they could well be a contender next season.

26 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

High 21 Low 27

It looked like things were turning for Jameis Winston. He then went to London and threw 700 interceptions.

25 – New York Giants read more

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NFL Lack of Power Rankings – The Race for the Number One Pick in the 2019 Draft: A New Number One!

The race for the number one pick in the draft took a big turn last week with two of the biggest upsets we will see all year.

First the (now former) number one Buffalo Bills took down the Vikings and then Matt Patricia’s Lions got the better of the Patriots.

The quest for 0-16 is not done for the season though with the Cardinals, Raiders and Texans all still in with a chance of matching last season’s Bills.

10 – Tennessee Titans (10)

Two wins already for the Titans means it may be a little harsh for them to be on here. However, having a starting quarterback who can’t even thrown the ball because he doesn’t have feeling in his hands is not a recipe for success.

Somehow they beat the Jaguars last week but until Marcus Mariota can get healthy, they don’t have much chance of success.

9 – Dallas Cowboys (9)

Is the jury even still out on Dak Prescott or are we past that? He was a genuine MVP candidate not too long ago but now the team is on his shoulders, he has shown he isn’t up to it.

Until the Cowboys can put talent around Prescott, Dallas are going to struggle. A top 10 pick in the draft could help…

8 – New York Giants (5)

A win hurt their chances of the top pick in the draft but don’t expect too many more to follow.

Eli Manning has struggled once again and if the Giants can sneak into the top five, they could make up for the mistake of the last draft and take their quarterback of the future.

7 – Detroit Lions (4)

A fantastic win on Sunday night over the Patriots as Matt Patricia got one over on his old boss.

Perhaps things have turned around in Detroit but until we see it, the Lions will stay on this list.

6 – Houston Texans (8)

Is Bill O’Brien the favourite to be the first coach fired?

There is a lot of talent in Houston – on both sides of the ball – but they just look terrible.

How can a team with the likes of J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins be winless through three weeks?

5 – Cleveland Browns (3)

I can be quite snarky, I admit it, but I was genuinely so happy for the Cleveland fans. They celebrated it like a Super Bowl and I honestly can’t blame them.

This is a big week though for Baker Mayfield and the rest of the Browns. They need to back up that win with another against a poor Raiders team.

They may well be picking near the top of the draft again next season, but that could well be the last time for a while. This team finally has some hope.

4 – San Francisco 49ers (-) read more

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NFL Lack of Power Rankings – The race for the number one pick in the 2019 draft

We have a brand new podcast. Check it out here.

This year may see the most hotly contested race for the number one pick in next year’s draft in some time.

There are a number of teams that look more than capable of matching the Browns 0-16 season.

We have run power rankings in the past but everyone does those so here are the Lack of Power rankings (this name may change in the very near future) tracking the worst teams in the league as they race to pick up the next Baker Mayfield or Myles Garrett.

We will be counting down from ten to one each week.

These will not be based on just record, but how likely it is that a team can pick up that top slot that so many teams already seem to be after.

10 – Tennessee Titans

Honestly, it would not surprise me if the Titans are shooting up these rankings in the near future.

The Marcus Mariota injury is more than a little troubling. This feels like more than just a one week thing but we will see. The team is being decimated by injuries already away from the quarterback position.

The division looks to be more competitive than it ever has been so it could be a long season in Tennessee.

9 – Dallas Cowboys

Has a team ever wasted the huge opportunity that having a quarterback on a rookie deal gives you? The team has the room to give Dak Prescott every chance to succeed but he is throwing it to Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin.

The Cowboys had the chance to build a Legion of Boom era Seahawks but they already look to have blown the amazing chance. Maybe a first overall pick can help them get there but they will probably blow that as well.

8 – Houston Texans

One of the teams with the biggest buzz coming into the season. Could they be the team to emerge and challenge the Patriots? Well, no. They could be the team that fires their coach before Thanksgiving.

Off to an 0-2 start and with Deshaun Watson looking a long way short of that electric quarterback we saw last season, the Texans are already in a bit of a hole.

They have the talent to pull themselves out of this and probably more hope than anyone else on the list, but things just are not right in Houston.

7 – Seattle Seahawks

It is hard to believe it was so recently that this team was regarded as the best or at least one of the best teams in the league.

Since then they have lost nearly all of those players that really made them the most feared defence in the league.

Pete Carroll is loved in Seattle but maybe it is edging closer and closer to needing a change at the Seahawks.

6 – Oakland Raiders

At this rate, Oakland will be glad to see the back of this team.

The Jon Gruden contract looked bad enough when they gave it to him but at this rate does he even make it to year three of that ten year contract?

The effort on that final two minutes of the game from Bruce Irvin sums up this team (check it out if you haven’t seen it).

5 – New York Giants read more

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NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles at one?

This is my first rankings for a few weeks now and the league looks very different from where it was then.

As always, let us know your opinions either in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

32 Cleveland Browns

Hue Jackson just has to go. Great coordinator, terrible head coach.

31 Arizona Cardinals

This team is in a terrible situation. I think they could be in for a few years of picking right at the top of the draft.

30 San Francisco 49ers

There really is plenty of reason to be hopeful, but for this season, just getting that win makes a big difference. Nobody wants that on their record.

29 Indianapolis Colts

There are some big changes that need to happen in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, I don’t trust anybody in that organisation to do it.

28 Green Bay Packers

Without Aaron Rodgers, they are just one of the very worst teams in the league.

27 Miami Dolphins

At least we can stop calling them a playoff contender. I still have no idea how they got to four wins this season.

26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So much promise but just a lost season in Tampa. It seems like a change at head coach is coming.

25 New York Giants

25 almost seems too high for this team but a win against the Chiefs is always good. This has to look like a very different Giants team next season or we will just see the same problems. Those changes need to happen at head coach and quarterback to start.

24 Denver Broncos

They looked so good just a few weeks ago. They really were my pick to come out of the AFC in the early part of the season. Now getting another win seems like an achievement.

23 Cincinnati Bengals read more

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NFL Power Rankings Week Six: Multiple winless teams in 2017?

32 Cleveland Browns (32) No Change

Just hopeless. I really don’t know what there is to say about them. Hue Jackson is a fantastic coordinator, but he has shown again that head coaching is not for him.

31 San Francisco 49ers (31) No Change

I like Shanahan but there is only so much he can do. They have been in the majority of games so far this season but haven’t found a win.  They face the Giants in a couple of weeks in what could be a battle of who goes winless.

30 New York Giants (28) Down 2

What a disaster. There is a real chance they could go 0-16. Amazing really when you thin hwo many people were picking them as a Super Bowl contender.

29 Los Angeles Chargers (30) Up 1

Almost accidentally won. This whole move to LA is looking worse every week.

28 Chicago Bears (29) Up 1

Trubisky gave them a spark. I’m not sure they are going to do too much this season but there is real hope for the future. They need to give him some receivers next year though.

27 Arizona Cardinals (25) Down 2

A win and moving down doesn’t seem normal but they are just not a good team. They snuck the win but this team is done. I think they will look very different this time next season. New quarterback, no Fitzgerald and perhaps a new head coach.

26 Miami Dolphins (27) Up 1

Won in the least impressive fashion. It is so strange to see how Jay Ajayi is playing this year. It felt like this was his season. I think he will get it going eventually but too late for the Dolphins.

25 New York Jets (24) Down 1

Who would have thought they’d be going into this game with the Pats as the ones on a three game win streak?

24 Indianapolis Colts (23) Down 1

Get a win this week and it gives them a realistic shot at making the playoffs once Andrew Luck returns. I must admit I did not think that was possible but with the injuries the Texans have it could be a reality.

23 Baltimore Ravens (26) Up 3

Took care of business in Oakland. I don’t really know what the real version of the Ravens is. I think they are a good defensive team that has a below average offence. One that won’t be playing postseason football.

22 Tennessee Titans read more

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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: LA Rams and Buffalo Bills on the move – New England Patriots heading in the other direction

32 Cleveland Browns (32) No Change

I really thought they had some hope this season. Apparently it is more of the same. As the number one Browns apologist in the UK I have come up with an interesting theory though. How about the Browns starting pair of Josh Rosen and Le’Veon Bell in 2018? They have the cap room to give Bell the deal he wants. I don’t think it is so crazy…

31 San Francisco 49ers (30) Down 1

I think they may be better than a couple of teams above them but until they win I just can’t move them up.

30 Los Angeles Chargers (24) Down 6

Hopeless team in a hopeless situation. London Chargers anyone? I think we can almost guarantee they are playing one game in London next year.

29 Chicago Bears (26) Down 3

Vikings, Ravens and Panthers is not exactly the nicest trio of defences to start against. I would have held Mitchell Trubisky out another few weeks. I think the hot seat is causing John Fox to make some bad decisions.

28 New York Giants (25) Down 3

A trendy pick for the Super Bowl in preseason. They are just awful. They have however got a good chance to get that first win this week.

27 Miami Dolphins (19) Down 8

I thought Jay Cutler could be ok for the Dolphins. No. Just no. However, I don’t think Jay Ajayi has been quite as bad as the numbers look. He will get going.

26 Baltimore Ravens (21) Down 5

Remember all those debates about Joe Flacco being elite?

25 Arizona Cardinals (28) Up 3

Move up three because they got the win but they are just not a good team.

24 New York Jets (29) Up 5

Surprisingly ok. They are playing hard despite all the things that make you think they probably would not be. All the talk about tanking this season and when they meet New England in a couple of weeks they could legitimately have the better record.

23 Indianapolis Colts (27) Up 4

Andrew Luck is back in practice and it can’t come soon enough for the Colts.

22 Cincinnati Bengals read more

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NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Chiefs hold on to top spot

32 Cleveland Browns (28) Down 4

There looked like some promise, and Deshone Kizer could be the answer for Cleveland, but it looks like another season picking in the top two or three.

31 Cincinnati Bengals (31) No Change

Had a real chance to steal a win from the Packers but some magic from Rodgers and some blown plays cost them. Marvin Lewis cannot have too long left.

30 San Francisco 49ers (27) Down 3

One of the most exciting Thursday Night Football games ever? Ultimately, they still lost, but it is not hopeless for 49ers fans. Shanahan is very good and it may take time, but it looks as though the 49ers will return to where they should be soon enough.

29 New York Jets (32) Up 3

Got the win and in impressive fashion. It is hard to know how happy Jets fans will be with this but winning is always fun. It does seem to go against their ultimate goal for the season though.

28 Arizona Cardinals (26) Down 2

Just hopeless. It is sad to see Larry Fitzgerald going out on a team like this. He deserves more.

27 Indianapolis Colts (30) Up 3

That trade looks worth it even if Brissett never plays another game for the Colts. He has contributed more than Dorsett would have. They need Luck back, and soon, but they can at least be sort of competitive without him.

26 Chicago Bears (29) Up 3

A really good win. There is a lot of talent on the Bears, but the coach does not seem the right person to get it out of them.

25 New York Giants (24) Down 1

They actually scored a touchdown! The boxscore makes this game look better than it was for the Giants.

24 Los Angeles Chargers (19) Down 5

Philip Rivers might actually break the interception record.

23 Carolina Panthers (15) Down 8

If they carry on using McCaffrey like this then he is heading for an injury. The offence is awful and it will not be long before we see a change in the coordinator, if not the head coach.

22 New Orleans Saints read more

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Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

32 New York Jets

Just a terrible, terrible team. They are not hiding their desire to get the number one pick. It is hard to see where they even get a win from.

31 Cincinnati Bengals

There is a lot of talented players on the team but the offence is just awful. The offensive line is where all the issues start. They had a below average line last season and then let their best two linemen walk away. It’s going to be a long season in Cincinnati.

30 Indianapolis Colts

I think the start to the season proves just how good Andrew Luck is. He could drag this dumpster fire of a roster to eight wins. Without him they may well be the worst team in the league. Chuck Pagano should have been fired a couple of season ago. It just feels inevitable now.

29 Chicago Bears

They showed some promise in week one but that all went away when they travelled to Tampa Bay. It is hard to see Mike Glennon keeping his job too much longer – the same goes for head coach John Fox.

28 Cleveland Browns

0-2 but heading into three very winnable games against the Colts, Jets and Bengals. They need to win at least two of them. If not, we are looking at the same old Browns. There is some promise but they need to start converting that to wins.

27 San Francisco 49ers

Played the Seahawks close and really could have come away from Seattle with the win. It is going to take at least another season but there is some hope if you are a 49ers fan.

26 Arizona Cardinals

This team looks like a disaster. They got the win – just – against the Colts that may well be the worst team in the league while Andrew Luck is on the sidelines. It is sad to say but Carson Palmer is done. The Cardinals do not really have any other options but do not expect Palmer to be playing this time next year.

25 Buffalo Bills

This almost feels a little high. The Bills are not a good team. They traded away some of their best players in the offseason and if it wasn’t for the Jets, many people would have spoken about the Bills tanking. They look like they are starting a big rebuild, and the performances on the field show that.

24 New York Giants

The offence is just awful. Eli Manning can’t seem to get the ball down the field and the running game is non-existent. The offence appears to be Odell Beckham only, and he is struggling with injury. The defence will win them some games, but they look a longshot to make the playoffs, even this early in the season.

23 Los Angeles Rams

There is some promising signs for the Rams. The defence can be very, very good. Wade Phillips is a genius and he could make this a formidable unit. The offence is still where the worries are, even after putting up huge numbers in week one. Sean McVay is one of the brightest young coaches, and the team are in good hands, but it could be a couple of years before we really see the Rams challenge again.

22 Jacksonville Jaguars read more

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Final Power Rankings: Patriots end season on top

It feels like the season has only just begun but we are at the end of the regular season and therefore the end of these rankings for the season.

The New England Patriots have been on top for most of the season and that is where they finish.

The Cowboys end the season at two but they are our top ranked NFC team.

Unsurprisingly the Browns end up ranked last but they perhaps have more hope for 2017 than some of the teams ranked above them, particularly the 49ers.

Anyway, thanks for reading and look out for some more from us in the playoffs.

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