Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints preview

Steve Ovenden looks at the Colts and Saints and whether the Colts can get back on track or if it will be another loss.

It is week 15 and the Colts are heading down south to New Orleans for Monday Night Football.  An important match for the Colts, a win keeps them barely in the hunt for a playoff spot and a loss puts that final nail in the coffin  for the season. The harsh reality suggests that hopes for the Playoffs is over, as a lot of results will have to go their way and they will still have to win all of their own games, starting with the Saints.  The Saints have already secured the NFC South and a playoff position but they are still playing for what seed they will have. They currently sit at third seed but first and second are still in reach. This game is not going to be easy for Indy. read more

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Indianapolis Colts @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Preview

Steve Ovenden looks at the Colts and whether they can get back on track against the Buccaneers

Week 14 has arrived and the Colts (6-6) are heading down to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7).  After a poor week 13, which resulted in a loss against the Tennessee Titans, the Colts will need to win each of their last four games to still have any chance of making the Playoffs.  The Bucs themselves have slim Playoff hopes, although it just might be a little too late now for such a thing to happen. To be fair, a lot is also against Indy to make post-season after last weeks loss.  Sitting behind Houston (8-4) and Tennessee (7-5) in the division and Pittsburgh (7-5), Buffalo (9-3) and Oakland (6-6) in the hunt for a Wildcard position, it is all uphill from here. read more

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Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots Preview

Josh Capps looks at whether the Patriots can get back on track or the Chiefs will come out of this game with a big win

Brady and the Patriots head back to Foxborough looking to get back to winning ways after a challenging defeat down in Texas last weekend. Brady finished with fairly strong numbers on 326 yards for three touchdowns, but it all came too late as the Texans held on in the fourth quarter. read more

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Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts Preview

Steve Ovenden (@HappyHappySteve) believes the Colts could edge an important game in the AFC South

Week 13 is here and the Colts are welcoming the Tennessee Titans to Lucas Oil in another big AFC South game.  The winner of this match could see one of these two lead the division by the end of the weekend should Houston lose to New England.  This is another big game for the Colts especially after losing yet another close game. Last time out it was Thursday Night Football against the Texans and a 20 – 17 loss for the Colts which came in the same week that the Titans blew out division rivals Jacksonville with a 42 – 20 victory, which will certainly give them a confidence boost going into this one. read more

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Pre Game – New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

@markr1991 believes that in a rematch of Super Bowl LII the Patriots lose again and this time its Carson Wentz that gets one over on the goat and not Nick Foles.

The New England Patriots are doing things on the defensive side of the ball that have not been done before. Before they played the Baltimore Ravens and their dynamic QB, through eight weeks of the season the Patriots defense had only given up 7.6 points per game. What needs to be remembered though is that they didn’t exactly have a tough opening 8 weeks. The teams the Patriots played had a combined record of 15-43 (at that point) and, other than Ben Roethlisberger and Colt McCoy, they hadn’t faced a quarterback with more than two years experience. Then up stepped Lamar Jackson and even Bill Belichick couldn’t formulate a plan to stop him. read more

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Jackonsville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts preview

Steve Ovenden (@happyhappysteve)  looks at what could be a decisive match in the AFC South

Week 11 has arrived and it is a big week for the AFC South. The Colts play host to the Jacksonville Jaguars and is a must win for both teams.  A win for wither team keeps playoff hopes alive and will keep the division close. The Jags would move to an even 5 – 5 record and the Colts would move to 6 – 4 level with the Texans.  That would be short lived as Houston return from their bye week to play the in form Baltimore Ravens. A Texans win will put them firmly in control of the AFC South but a loss will see the Colts take back control should they beat the Jags.  The Tennessee Titans have a bye this week but moved up to 5 – 5 after a massive win against AFC South whipping boys Kansas City. This win closed the division right up and makes for an entertaining week. read more

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New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles preview

Josh Capps (@JCapps_) looks at the rematch of the 2018 Super Bowl

The Superbowl defeat from two years ago will still be in the back of Tom Brady’s head going into this one, even thought the Patriots bounced back for another ring last year. This is the first time the team’s have met since that thrilling Superbowl of 2018, but the Eagles hold QB Carson Went at the helm and not Foles who is now in Jacksonville. read more

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Houston Texans In The UK

Steven Ovenden (@HappyHappySteve) looks back at the Texans visit to the UK

The last International Series game in the UK of 2019 saw the Jacksonville Jaguars host AFC South division rivals the Houston Texans.  Before the weekend the division was quite close with the Jags and Titans on 4-4, Houston on 5-3 and the Colts top on 5-2. Being how tight the division was, this match had the makings of a very close and competitive game. Unfortunately this was not to be the case and the Texans brushed the Jags aside with a 26-3 victory. read more

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