True or False: Dolphins v Saints International Series special

One of these teams will make the playoffs

John – At least one of them will I think it’ll be the Saints but wouldn’t be shocked if the Dolphins made a late run at the Playoffs.

Dan – False. When you start to look how the cards appear to be falling in both the NFC and AFC, it seems hard to believe that either team can make it. In the AFC the Dolphins probably won’t win the Division and I genuinely believe that 2 wild card teams come from the AFC West. In the NFC I can’t see the Saints beating out either the Bucs or the Falcons in their division and I think the 2nd Wild Card spot goes to either the NFC East or North. read more

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London to have its own NFL franchise within five years according to Neil Reynolds

“We will have a team here that we can call our own within five years.” That was the verdict of Sky Sports’ Neil Reynolds when asked about the future of the NFL outside of America.

A London based franchise has been the biggest talking point for those involved in the game in this country for a number of years and it is becoming more and more clear that it is a hot topic for those in charge of the league as well. read more

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San Francisco 49ers: Kyle Shanahan needs time to rebuild this famous franchise

As a 49ers fan, what can I say about this season? Some might say disappointing, frustrating maybe? In my opinion it’s a season we deserved.

What I mean by that is, as a franchise we go from firing coach Harbaugh because he didn’t get on with Baalke, after an 8-8 season and a 3rd place finish in the west. Although I still thought he was our guy and the coach to take us forward. read more

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Tennessee Titans: Looking forward, looking back…

As the dust settles and the disappointment recedes it seems a sensible time to take a look at the season gone and the season to come. First of all, although I use the word disappointment the Titans can look back on their first winning season since 2011 with no small measure of pride. The last 12 months have been a great step forward, and a sense of hope is returning to a franchise who have long been mediocre at best, atrocious at worst. read more

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