First and Ten Rookie League 2021

Once again we want to give people new to the game a chance to test the waters of fantasy football without the pressure of jumping in with players who have played for years.

Why we do this

This year we are asking all our entrants to make an optional donation to Myeloma UK. A charity that is very close to our hearts here at First and Ten. You can read more about Myeloma UK here:

Every person that donates £1 or more (and leaves their name on justgiving) will be entered into a draw to win either a signed jersey with COA or an unsigned jersey from the team of their choice. The draw will take place on the Sunday of week two, live on our Facebook page

To donate, please visit:

The Rules

It can be daunting joining a league with people that have played for years and we want to take that away.

Last year’s league was so successful that all the people that entered have decided to renew it and do it all over again. Many of them have also joined our dynasty leagues that started this offseason.

So we want to give 12 more fantasy football rookies the chance to get started in one of the best hobbies you can have.

This is a league with pretty basic settings and nothing too complicated. It is also a place where you can get to grips with all the different things than make up fantasy football from the draft to trading and we will eb there to help you all the way.

If you are interested then please enter using the link above.

All I would ask is that if you are experienced then please leave this league for the new guys and join one of the many other leagues we are running.

You don’t have to be brand new to the game. You might have played for one year and was not really sure what was happening. Our aim is to help as many people get into fantasy football as possible.

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