First and Ten Dynasty Leagues

We are adding four new dynasty leagues this season to take us to a total of 12. Don’t miss out!

Why we do this

This year we are asking all our entrants to make an optional donation to Myeloma UK. A charity that is very close to our hearts here at First and Ten. You can read more about Myeloma UK here:

Every person that donates £1 or more (and leaves their name on justgiving) will be entered into a draw to win either a signed jersey with COA or an unsigned jersey from the team of their choice. The draw will take place on the Sunday of week two, live on our Facebook page

To donate, please visit:


The Rules

Roster Spots: QB, Q/W/R/T, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN Plus 2 IR spots

The Q/W/R/T is essentially a second QB slot but allows more room for other players, so you can always fill a spot.

Playoffs: 6 teams, first two seeds get byes. Weeks 15,16,17.

The Draft: This season will be a slow draft over a week or so (or quicker if it takes less time). The details for how we draft will be confirmed when we have our final numbers. All players will be available to draft. The draft will take place shortly after the NFL draft. This is early, of course, but logistically it is easier for us here, and it also fills the gap for everyone so that is great.

In every year from this there will be two drafts, a rookie draft and a free agent draft.

The rookie draft, as the name suggests, will be for all the rookies entering the league and will take place in the fortnight or so following the NFL draft. It will be a five round draft and picks can be traded.

The free agent draft will take place during the NFL preseason (around week two of preseason) and will be a three-round draft. Trades for this can not be traded. All players not on teams will be in this draft, including rookies that are cut from teams.

The draft order: First year will be randomised.

The rookie draft order will be a lottery system. The lower you finish, the more chance you have of finishing higher in the draft.

All the balls will be put into a (probably virtual) draw. The team finishing last will have 20 spots. 11th 18 spots. 10th 10 spots and so on with playoff teams receiving spots equal to their finishing position. 1st gets 1, 2nd gets 2 etc. These will then be drawn to give the draft order. Don’t worry too much, I will be doing all the work.

This order will run throughout the five rounds (it will not snake).

Trading picks: Rookie draft picks can be traded.

For Yahoo players, to make a trade you need to trade an equal number of picks. So, it may be that you need to give up a late pick to make the trade work. But you will always have to have the same number of draft picks. Only the first five rounds will actually matter so you may be able to trade a round 25 pick, but it will be irrelevant. So please use this to balance picks.

Trade deadline: There is no deadline. However, any dodgy trades will not be allowed.

Cuts: Rosters will temporarily be increased in size to allow for the rookie draft. This will carry on until the Sunday of preseason week one where rosters will need to be back to the limit of 25 (plus two IR spots)

Points: It will all be standard Yahoo scoring, except for receptions which will be worth one point and passing touchdowns that will be worth 6 points.

Bad trades: I am not here to veto bad trades. If you manage to get a bad player to make a bad trade then good for you. However, this is meant to be a fun league and trades that will ruin the league are likely to be disallowed so please keep that in mind. If I suspect collusion, then trades will also be disallowed.

People quitting the league or being removed: Hopefully this won’t happen, but if anybody just quits the league, we will essentially lock their team for the rest of the season, and I will just set it with the best team based on projections ahead of the week. So, on a Thursday I will just set it. Then in the offseason we will find a replacement owner who will just take over the team and picks.

This is a fun league and we want it to be as active as possible as that always makes for the best leagues. If you forget to set a line up on any week then I may remove you from the league and find a replacement owner.

There may be things that have been missed from these rules. If necessary, I can change the rules at any time in the interest of the league. (I’m not planning to change anything but if something needs to be sorted then I will)

All of my decisions will be final.

Finally, thank you for your interest and the support of our site and podcast.

You can find the podcast every single week on iTunes, Spotify and pretty much any place you usually get your podcasts.

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