Can New England still be a Superbowl winning outfit?

The new season is almost upon us and Josh Capps from the Patriots Podcast on the First and Ten Network is here to look at what lies ahead in New England.

It didn’t take long for most of us to write off New England once Tom Brady secured a move to Tampa, but as the weeks have passed, confidence only appears to be growing in Foxboro. 

With the introduction of Cam Newton in the QB role, fans soon realised that it may not all be doom and gloom, and something different may be seen in the pocket in this upcoming season that could drive the Patriots to another AFC East title.

Cam is no rookie, before his injury he was an MVP and drove the Panthers to a Superbowl, only to lose out to Peyton Manning, which let’s be honest isn’t too embarrassing. He has comfortably thrown over 3000 yards every season he has started, and is also dangerous when it comes to the run game. This is something that New England have never experienced with Brady; a QB who can run, rather than the odd QB sneak.

The likes of Julian Edelman and Mohamed Sanu offer confident catching options for the new QB, both with many years experience in the NFL, and Nkeal Harry; last years first round pick who towards the end of last season saw some action and looked very strong in the air.

The defence that was a force last year has taken a hit this offseason with the losses of Hightower, Cannon and Chung who have all opted out, as well as Kyle Van Noy heading South and Shelton also leaving. The defence won New England many a game last season so they will need to hope they can stay strong if they want any chance of challenging this year.

There’s no reason why New England cannot win this division again in the upcoming season, and as we saw last year, anything can happen when it gets to the post season. The Bills do look strong again, and Miami have made improvements, but the Patriots still should be a force with the experience they still have. 

If Cam can drive the Patriots to another post season of any sort then the fans of New England shouldn’t be disappointed, and things will only improve with next summers draft no matter what the outcome. 

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