First and Ten Fantasy Cup in support of Myeloma UK

This year we are asking all our entrants to make an optional donation to Myeloma UK. A charity that is very close to our hearts here at First and Ten. You can read more about Myeloma UK here:

Every person that donates £1 or more (and leaves their name on justgiving) will be entered into a draw to win either a signed Sony Michel jersey with COA or an unsigned jersey from the team of their choice. The draw will take place on the Sunday of week two,live on our Facebook page

This season we are introducing a brand new competition to show just who is the best fantasy player amongst our readers and listeners.

First and Ten already have close to 20 leagues each season for you, and now we are introducing another new contest.

The Rules

There are just 80 places available

Entrants will be split at random into eight divisions.

Over the first nine weeks the league will be points based with head to head records not mattering.

The top two points scorers from each division will qualify for the knockout rounds.

The remaining eight teams will then have a one week shootout with all scores resetting for week 10. The top two points scorers will join the league winners in the last 32.

Teams will be split into groups of eight to redraft during week 11 with a randomised order (There will be two dead teams drafted to make it a 10 team draft that will be removed post draft)

Rosters will be expanded with added bench spots and after this point there will be no adds or drops. Your drafted team will be the team you use for the rest of the contest.

In week 12 there will be eight groups of four teams, drawn at random after the drafts are complete. The top 2 points scorers in each group will move forward to the last 16.

From here on out it will be head to head matchups. The round of 16 will see a random draw with one group winner facing a runner up from the last 32.

The bracket will be set from this stage and we will play down to a winner with a straight knockout.

This is not a best ball league. Line ups will need to be set in Sleeper each week.

Roster spots for first nine weeks:

2 WR
2 RB
3 W/R/T,W/R/T,W/R/T,W/R/T,
1 Q/W/R/T,
3 Bench spots and 1 IR spot

For the week 11 redraft the bench will be expanded to 11 bench spots.

Scoring will be standard other than the following:

6 point passing TDs and -2 for interceptions
PPR with 1.5 PPR for tight ends

Drafts will be slow drafts with 8 hour clocks, untimed between 11pm and 8pm UK time. Drafts will start on Saturday 1 September

If needed this clock will be shortened but hopefully that will not be necessary.

Inactivity is an issue we have had in the past and the small benches should hopefully reward players that are active each week.

Thank you to everyone taking part in our leagues and good luck!


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