NFL Draft 2020: Winners and Losers

Josh Capps look back at the weekend’s draft and gives us three winners and three losers.

Let us know how you think your team did and what you would have done differently.



It is hard to think the Ravens needed many additions after a 14-win season, but the Ravens did what the Ravens do best, and loaded Lamar Jackson’s offence with even more weapons. The running back J.K Dobbins will pair up with Ingram, and the addition of two wide receivers in Duvernay and Proche will give further options to Lamar when he decides to look downfield. Some very smart picks that should see Baltimore in the hunt again.


Already boasting one of the stronger offences in the league, the Cowboys only encouraged this by adding Wide Receiver CeeDee Lamb. Lamb was one of three names that stood out in the receiving department and alongside the big names of Cooper; who has recently signed a large contract and Michael Gallup, Dak Prescott will be relishing the start of the upcoming season and hopefully challenge further into the post season than recent years.


Possibly not one many would call a winner but taking Justin Herbert in the first round should give the Chargers a fresh start in the 2020 season. Losing Rivers, it was priority to get one of the top quarterbacks in and they definitely did that. Heading into a roster full of talent with the likes of Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry, if Herbert gets the nod over Tyrod Taylor, he has no excuses for not having the players around him to win games.

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With Aaron Rodgers still having a few years in the tank, you can only think that the pick of Jordan Love may look like a waste to some people with Green Bays first selection. The pick could have definitely been served a better purpose in other areas as was highlighted in many pre-draft predictions. With no wide reciever picks throughout the entire draft, some of the picks looked confusing to many. The selections of Love and Dillon looked more like Green Bay were looking ahead beyond the likes of Rodgers and Aaron Jones and planning for the future.


Moving into Las Vegas, the Raiders were in need of a number one wide receiver, and Gruden and Co took the speed of Ruggs over some of the other options still on the board. Jerry Jeudy; who was Alabama’s top wide receiver and CeeDee Lamb were both still on the board but they appear to believe that Ruggs is a better fit for their requirements. Some later picks in the receiving areas maybe over-powered that position at the expense of other needs of the team. This wasn’t a bad draft for the Raiders, but they took the wrong options.


Losing the ‘GOAT’ in the off-season to Tampa, the quarterback position jumped out to all in New England, alongside some support for Julian Edelman. The Patriots drafted neither. There were a few solid picks out of the ten that they made, but some key areas already mentioned look far too weak for the Patriots to continue their dominance in the East. This is Bill Belichick though, so don’t expect the Patriots to roll over just yet! 

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