Final Mock Draft – Falcons, Jaguars and Broncos all go up to get their guys

Ash Till brings us the final mock draft of the year. There are six trades, four quarterbacks and penty of tackles

1. Bengals – Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

The Bengals take their franchise guy. The Ohio kid returns home to give this franchise a new and exciting era.

2. Redskins – Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State

The Redskins take the best player in the draft, let’s not overthink this.

3. Lions – Isiah Simmons, Defence, Clemson

The longer this process has gone on the less I’m convinced the lions get this trade done. Lions stick and pick, and for me Simmons is one of a kind, giving the Lions a defensive piece like no other.

4. Giants – Jedrick Wills, T, Alabama

Gettleman and Joe Judge find themselves in a scenario where this elite tackle class, and their need for one, go hand in hand. What’s their poison though? For me Wills is the best of the bunch and he’s the locked in as day one starter for big blue.

5. Dolphins – Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon

Hear me out. I’ve been toying with the move that Sunny Weaver would be proud of, and that the Dolphins pass at QB and take Wirfs at 5. They then move up later for the faller of Herbert or Tua. This though comes down to if they have a huge grade on a specific tackle and an even grade on Tua and Herbert. Interesting thought. Tackle is a gigantic need making this scenario even more credible, but maybe jumping from 18 into the top 10 for the last premier tackle is the cheaper and safer option than missing out on a potential franchise guy. Herbert is as smart as they come and with Harvard’s Fitzmagic offering guidance, his future is bright.

6. Chargers – Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

The Chargers can afford to let the board play out in front of them in my opinion. Telesco is a savvy GM and the options here are all Elite. So why panic. The only reason to do so, is if you have a huge grade on one of the QBs over the other and are worried the Dolphins have the same grade. If that’s the case unlucky, why get into a fist fight when you have no chance of winning. Let the Dolphins do what they want and pay what they want and then take the BPA at 6. Tua is not a consolation prize, but a pick that needs to be given time, but will the LA crowd let that happen?

7. Panthers – Jeffery Okudah, CB, Ohio State

I’ve been toying with this as my first trade spot, with Rhule looking to collect picks and create his vision of this roster. Problem is Okudah is just too good to pass. Don’t be too cute here, draft the best Corner in the draft.

8. Falcons – CJ Henderson, CB, Florida

TRADE!!! Cardinals receive picks 16 and 47 for moving down 8.

There’s always a surprising pick in the top 10 and for me it’s going to be CJ Henderson. It’s been rumoured that Henderson is the clear CB2 and the drop off is bigger to the next guy than most fans would think. Falcons have a glaring need at corner, it’s not impossible that they could also target Derrick Brown.

9. Dolphins – Mekhi Becton, T, Louisville

TRADE!!! Jaguars receive picks 18, 39 and 185, to move down 9.

I mentioned earlier that it would be cheaper for the Dolphins to move up from 18 than 5. My belief is they come away with a QB and tackle with their first 2 picks and I think trading up from 18 is the smart move for one of those positions. Becton gives you as big of a bookend as they come. Herbert should feel nice a safe with this guy now lined up on the blindside.

10. Browns – Andrew Thomas, T, Georgia

The Browns to me are in a similar situation as the Giants. The clear need is a tackle and with this Elite tackle class I see 1 of the 4 being here. Thomas is far better than the speculation surrounding him, id even go as far as saying he’s the best pass protector of the 4.

11. Jets – Tristan Wirfs, T, Iowa

Three Tackles come off the board in a row. I’ve been toying with mocking Jerry Jeudy here, but I always come back to the depth of this WR class and think that Wirfs is the clear value here. Darnold needs to be protected and this guy has the potential to do just that for 10 plus years.

Raiders favorites to land Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb in NFL Draft

12. Raiders – CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma

I would not be shocked at all to see CJ Henderson in silver and black here if he’s on the board. Raiders need a corner just as much as a WR, but with him gone, Lamb is exactly what they need. His catch radius is insane, and they need to point up points in a division with the Chiefs

13. Broncos – Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama

TRADE!!! The 49ers receive pick 15 and 95 to move down 3.

So, the Broncos landing Jeudy is too good to be true. Denver have to a have a huge grade on one WR I think because why would you trade up in a class this deep. I think Jeudy is that guy.

14. Buccaneers – Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn

The Buccaneers will be hoping one of the tackles fall, but I’m not sure there’s much chance of that happening. So, Tampa go BPA and if I’m honest they get he steal of the draft. Collapsing the pocket is key in the modern NFL when playing your prototypical pocket passing QBs. The Bucs play Brees, Ryan and Bridgewater in that division so need I say more. The reason I think Brown falls isn’t talent is the quality of the premium positions. We have seen outstanding DT fall in previous drafts when we’re expecting them to be top 5 locks, so this isn’t that farfetched when you see the quality going above him.

15. 49ers – Henry Ruggs, WR, Alabama

The 49ers move down while not really skipping a beat. Ruggs isn’t as polished as Jeudy but watching Shanahan scheme this guy could be a thing of beauty.

16 Cardinals – Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama

After the trade down the cardinals get McKinney here at 16. This kid can operate in the box, in the slot and has the awareness to play Free safety. With him and Budda Baker, this tandem can cause havoc in the NFC West.

17 Cowboys – Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina

The Cowboys could get someone to play the other side to Demarcus Lawrence here, filling the void of Robert Quinn. But Kinlaw offers huge value here with Poe and McCoy on the tail end of their careers.

18 Jaguars – Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

Four Alabama players come off the board in 6 picks with the last being Diggs. I think the Jags target a corner in round 1 and with their first pick. With Bryan and Allen taken the last 2 years I’m hesitant they take another defensive line guy. With the Panthers and then the Falcons leaping them to take the top 2. they trade down to take Diggs at 18, but If Henderson is on the board, I see them sticking and picking.

19 Raiders – AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson

The Raiders collect their 2 biggest needs in round 1 and go back to Clemson like they did last year with Clelin Ferrell. People will point to the national championship game where he had a tough time against Ja’marr Chase. But this kid is an incredibly good corner.

NFL coach: Jordan Love 'a fourth-round pick, maybe'

20 Jaguars – Jordan Love, QB, Utah State

The Jags in my opinion need to get someone in to compete with Minshew and Love at 20 is well worth the risk. A polarizing prospect with unbelievable upside. Jags are in rebuild mode so watch out for them to make a lot of moves over the 3 days to do just that.

21 Eagles – Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

I know what you’re thinking Eagles go WR surely but pull up the depth chart and look what this team needs. LB is crying out to be addressed here and Queen offers everything they need to create a tempo for that D. The depth at WR means this can be addressed later with someone like Jalen Reagor.

22 Vikings – Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU

Back to back LSU players come off the board. Vikings needed to move Diggs and what they got was a huge return. Addressing WR with Jefferson fills the void and makes sure that offense doesn’t skip a beat in 2020.

23 Ravens – Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma

TRADE!!! The Patriots receive picks 28, 106 and Matt Judon moving down 5 spots. Ravens receive Joe Thuney and pick 23.

The Ravens seize the opportunity to move ahead of the Saints to grab a linebacker and a tone setting for the defence. The missing cog that could make them Super Bowl contenders.

24 Saints – Damon Arnett, CB, Ohio State

There’s always one or two surprises draft day and this year I think it’s a run on corners in the late teens to early twenties that shocks a few. The Saints have very few needs so they can attack a position where you can’t have enough of them which is Corner. Payton loves tapping into the Ohio State supply line and this guy is the next one.

25 Vikings – Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah

Another Corner goes off the board with the feisty Jaylon Johnson. The Vikings and Zimmer like their players to pack a punch and Johnson certainly offers that.

26 Dolphins – Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

It takes the last mock to put an RB in the first round. And I can see the same as last year where one comes off the board in the late 20s. Dolphins come away with a franchise back, a franchise tackle and a franchise QB. The AFC east just got a front runner.

27 Panthers – K’Lavon Chaisson, LB, LSU

TRADE!!! The Seahawks receive pick 38, 113 and a 2021 4th.

Like I said in pick 8, I fully expect the Panthers to move around in the draft to create a roster which Rhule envisions. Talk is the Panthers could move out of pick 8 and if they do move down to the late teens, don’t be surprised if Chaisson is the pick. Brady will know everything there is to know about him both coming from LSU and in times like this familiarity is key. In my last mock I have then moving up with the Seahawks who I fully expect to move down.

28 Patriots – Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU

Patriots could go in multiple directions and they never fail to shock us all. So, after the trade down and the player swap with the Ravens they take Ross Blacklock out of TCU. He’s a twitchy guy that can cause havoc in the middle, some reckon he could go as high as the late teens, but I’ve got him here after the trade down.

29 Titans – Isaiah Wilson, T, Georgia

Titans lost Conklin in FA and if they want to pound the rock and use Tannehill in the play action they can take this guy from Georgia, allowing this offense not to skip a beat in 2020.

30 Packers – Austin Jackson, T, USC

Packers aren’t that far away but if they are ever going to win another Super Bowl, keeping Rodgers clean is paramount. Jackson is a developmental guy but could become a rock on that line in a years’ time.

31 Jaguars – AJ Epenesa, DE, Iowa

TRADE!! The 49ers receive pick 39 (which the Jags received from the Dolphins) and pick 116.

There’s a strong possibility that the Jags have 3 firsts in this draft. It’s something I’ve been toying with like trading Ngakoue to the Seahawks. But I’ve gone for them trading with the 49ers who didn’t have a 2nd, 3rd and 4th coming into this draft. This pick could well be Jordan Love if he falls that far, but I can see them grabbing an edge rusher with the possibility of Ngakoue holding out.

32 Chiefs – Yetur Gross-Matos, DE, Penn State

Many see Chiefs taking an RB here, but I think they can get a guy if they want in the second round. Gross Matos is a long rangy guy with good technique and when Clark went down last year, they did miss that pass rushing presence, which you can’t have enough of in the NFL.

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