NFL Quiz in aid of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

Friday 17 April, 8:30pm

A link to the event on Facebook. Please let us know if you will be joining in.

We are going to be running a NFL quiz, streamed live on YouTube in aid of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

Play as an individual or in teams. This can be done with people in your home or using one of the many services like Zoom.

The quiz is completely free but if you can spare even £1 then it would make such a big difference. We would recommend a donation of £1 per person.

There is a special bonus picture round (so extra points) for all that donate. Once you have donated then we will send the pictures through to the email used at JustGiving. If you do not receive the email or can’t afford to donate, then please email and I will get them sent out.

You can donate here

Raystede are a centre for animal welfare that aim to alleviate animal cruelty, rehoming, providing sanctuary for animals in need, and educating people about how to care for animals remains.

During this outbreak they have had to shut to the public, meaning they are losing up to £1000 per day while they are shut and still need to look after 400 animals still at the centre. these range from dogs and cats to goats and horses.

If we can even raise just a few quid to help out a great centre that cares for animals – some of which can never be rehomed due to the cruelty they have suffered – then it is more than worth the effort to put this quiz on. 

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