First and Ten Mega League Update – Playoffs and Wildcards

The First and Ten Mega League is Fantasy Football with a difference. There are four leagues with the players battling it out for one of six spots in the postseason that runs through the actual NFL playoffs where some great prizes are up for grabs.

The playoffs in each league are now set. All four winners will make it through, but there are two wildcard spots. They will go to the two highest points scorers that do not win a league. So congratulations to PaulB82 and Teemu who have both wrapped up a spot, even if they can’t win their respective leagues.

Here is how the standings finished after the 13 game regular season.

PaulB82 Brees92190
Teemu Goff72108
AVFCJPS Brady92094
Paddi Brady92029
TimGregs Goff71994
NeillElliot Brees81992
StevenM80 Brady81987
SimonWinstanley Brees91975
IrishPacker1 Goff91969
dstraiton Goff101948
paddawan28 Mahomes51944
JCO187 Goff111942
JamesH2019 Mahomes101915
crawleylion Brees71902
jonesy1484 Mahomes61892
jokee Goff71871
jasborg Brady111864
RossBell Mahomes81847
PhilGroves Mahomes61835
StephenCopeland Brady51829
grahammac Brady81825
mkarmy23 Mahomes81819
DTPT20 Mahomes41800
Chrisuk86 Brees81797
djg23 Mahomes71790
Jagsy10 Goff61788
dmcefc Brady51769
DaveB91 Brees61748
LuckyFantasyGuy Mahomes71737
reggieblinker1986 Mahomes71733
djg23 Brees71713
Robinsonp Goff61712
UnFourtunette4U Brady31705
BeckyJ Brees81687
ljpz01 Goff71687
colecaste Brees71682
KD37 Brady21680
HMtrey112 Brady71667
jfswfc Brady51657
alexgs138 Mahomes41654
AndyHilts Brees41637
djg23 Goff21603
RyanB2804 Mahomes61595
luckynumber07 Goff41592
EddieEddEd Brees31543
Convictdave87 Brees21424
PutKittleOn Goff21360

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