NFL Power Rankings Week Eight – Ravens moving on up

We are back with our week eight Power Rankings. Once again we have a group of the finest minds from around the UK to rank all 32 teams and produce an overall rankings that should be as fair and correct as possible.

Perhaps surprisingly there are no crazy moves up or down this week. the Ravens are the biggest movers as they move up five spots into the top 10.

At the other end it is bad news for the Brioncos and Texans who both fall after tough losses in divisional games.

But where is your team ranked? Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook if you think your team is too low, too high or just about right.

This week’s rankers are Adam Wilson, Ben Rulton, Mark Ross, Hayden Shaw, Ryan Tomkins, Wes Adnerton, Adam Murfet, Rowan Smith, Paddi Cooper, Nick Truss, Tom Young, Stephen Edwards and myself, Dave Gray.

32 – Miami Dolphins

Last Week32High31Low32

Does holding on to the 32 spot count as a win?

31 – Cincinnati Bengals

Last Week31High30Low32

They haven’t traded A.J. Green away yet. I guess that is a positive?

30 – Washington Redskins

Last Week30High29Low31

Have failed to reach double figures in three of the past four weeks. The one they did – Miami.

29 – Atlanta Falcons

Last Week29High27Low31

I am honestly not sure what to even write about them now. Just hopeless.

28 – New York Jets

Last Week28High23Low31

Get used to the ghost jokes Jets fans.

27 – New York Giants

Last Week25High23Low29

Not the lowest ranked team in New York. Congratulations.

26 – Los Angeles Chargers

Last Week24High19Low28

A bit like the Falcons, it is hard to know where the Chargers go from here. Are they going to be drafting high enough to get Rivers’ replacement?

25 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Week26High18Low28

A bye week but Jameis Winston still threw two picks

24 – Denver Broncos

Last Week19High18Low26

It was all set up for them to prove they were for real. They didn’t.

23 – Tennessee Titans

Last Week27High16Low26

Ryan Tannehill providing such a boost to the offence should be the final nail in Mariota’s Titans’ career

22 – Cleveland Browns

Last Week21High17Low27

A big game with New England. Baker Mayfield hasn’t done too well against elite defences in his NFL career.

21 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Last Week20High15Low23

Could the Dolphins actually try and win this game on Sunday to improve their pick from the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade?

20 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Last Week22High16Low26

Whisper it, but is the Gardner Minshew experience running out of steam?

19 -Arizona Cardinals

Last Week23High13Low25

A three game winning streak sees them rise up the ranks.

18 – Oakland Raiders

Last Week18High14Low23

There was no shame in losing to that Green Bay team

17 – Chicago Bears

Last Week15High13Low25

The Saints are a great team but that was really disappointing

16 – Philadelphia Eagles

Last Week13High13Low21

A huge game for the division and they blew it. It looks a long way back from here

15 – Detroit Lions

Last Week17High14Low24

Another team that came up short ina prove it game

14 – Dallas Cowboys

Last Week16High5Low19

I expected a much bigger jump that this after an impressive win over the Eagles

13 – Los Angeles Rams

Last Week14High6Low15

Jalen Ramsey could end up being a great move for the Rams. Interesting to see how they do against better opposition.

12 – Carolina Panthers

Last Week10High7Low14

It doesn’t seem like Cam is that close to a return and they don’t really need it. A week off was probably needed for Christian McCaffrey

11 – Houston Texans

Last Week7High7Low15

The big win against the Chiefs followed by a big letdown. Just so hard to really buy in on the Texans

10 – Indianapolis Colts

Last Week12High8Low14

Jump their division rivals and that win gives them the early tiebreaker over them. That was huge

9 – Minnesota Vikings

Last Week9High3Low13

The Lions had been playing some good football but they Vikings handled them easily. Impressive

8 – Buffalo Bills

Last Week8High5Low14

Will that offence be able to do enough in January?

7 – Seattle Seahawks

Last Week4High4Low11

Just ran all over by Lamar Jackson. they really couldn’t handle him. Worrying signs for one of the early front runners

6 – Baltimore Ravens

Last Week11High4Low12

Questions before last week about the teams ability to beat the better teams. That went out the window with a hammering of the Seahawks.

5 – Kansas City Chiefs

Last Week6High3Low9

Mahomes injury seems to be not too serious which seems amazing after seeing his kneecap around his leg.

4 – Green Bay Packers

Last Week5High2Low12

Dominated the Raiders. They are just a really good team. If the offence canput it together then they are dangerous.

3 – New Orleans Saints

Last Week3High2Low6

Drew Brees could be back this week. Look out NFC

2 – San Francisco 49ers

Last Week2High2Low4

Almost lost the number two spot after holding on to the unbeaten record and shutting out an opponent. A little harsh. A big test coming up with the Panthers

1 – New England Patriots

Last Week1High1Low1

Couldn’t get all the votes last week but now it is a unanimous number one. That defence is something else.

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