The Bears season so far and a look ahead to the Saints

Gareth Pugsley (@jedihamster101) has looked at the Bears season so far and what they need to do to beat the Saints

Ok so lets get all the bye week arm chair general ideas and comments out the way over the Raiders loss. The Bears didn’t play good enough. Simple isn’t it. Offensive line was crap and the defence did not play with any passion until after half time.

OK now that’s done lets move on to the now.  The Saints are not going to be a easy game. If the Bears are going to win they need to address a few things in this simple man’s opinion. First, the O line. You cant pass if they run through you. You can’t run if you don’t get your fat ass out the way and make holes. The loss of Long could end up being a blessing and I think this is something that should have happen before the season started. An idea would be to spend draft on O line this time around, lets wait and see.

Need to use Cohen and the Montgomery better. Don’t end them into a wall. Give them space to run and they cause issue. More flea flickers even a old McMahon/Payton switch play. As for the QB I don’t think Chase did badly. Yes he threw a interception but so did Carr. And is Mitch the man? Still out on that as due to lack luster O line he hasn’t had the time to throw. But he does have happy feet.

While  we are on the subject of Mitch can we please stop this we could have had crap every time Bears don’t win. The draft has gone and we can’t change it and moaning about it won’t change the out come.

Ok defence. Need more passion, more swagger, need to walk out like they have already won the Super Bowl. I didn’t see any from my seat at the London game. MacK needs to show why we paid for him and the rest need to step up now Hicks is out for long time.

This  game is a season decider for the Bears. If they win they are back in the race for the  division. If not then better luck next year. I can hear you all saying its only week seven.  Yes, you’re right and well done for reading numbers. The issue being the Bears games from here on in get harder and the rest don’t. Green Bay can smell a division win already and in order to stop that the Bears need to start showing that they were not a one off last year.

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