Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati Bengals preview

Dave Gray (@djg23) believes this will be the week that we see Kyler Murray show why he was the first overall pick

One of these teams is likely to walk away from this one with a first win of the season. The Bengals had a good week one against the Seahawks but have been dismal since and the Cardinals haven’t been a great deal better.

While both offences have struggled a little, this could be the week that we see both break out. The Bengals are the 30th ranked defence and the Cardinals are 25th according to Football Outsiders.

Kyler Murray has show flashes of what made him the first overall pick earlier this year, but the main issue has been keeping him on his feet. He has already been sacked 20 times this season. Some of that is on his playing style but he is getting little help from the offensive line. There is only one team with fewer sacks this season than Cincinnati so it could be a week that we really see Murray take off.

In week one Andy Dalton and the Bengals offence put up a really impressive showing as they almost pulled off an upset against the Seahawks. Since then though it has been all downhill. Last week they put up just three points as they fell to a 27-3 loss to the Steelers. Things have gone from reasonably promising to what looks like a battle for the first overall pick for the Bengals. If they lose this week then the season will be done.

Joe Mixon has played fairly well over the past two weeks – averaging over four yards per carry – but if this Bengals team is going to come out of this season with any positives then it is probably going to come from him. The Cardinals are one of the worst defences in the league against the run and we could see a big week for the running back.

Ones to Watch

Cardinals: Kyler Murray – This could be the week we really see what he has against a very poor defence

Bengals: Joe Mixon – He has played well in some bad circumstances but this week could be the week he steps it up

Score Prediction

Cardinals 28 Bengals 17

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