NFL Lack of Power Rankings – The Race for the Number One Pick in the 2019 Draft: A New Number One!

The race for the number one pick in the draft took a big turn last week with two of the biggest upsets we will see all year.

First the (now former) number one Buffalo Bills took down the Vikings and then Matt Patricia’s Lions got the better of the Patriots.

The quest for 0-16 is not done for the season though with the Cardinals, Raiders and Texans all still in with a chance of matching last season’s Bills.

10 – Tennessee Titans (10)

Two wins already for the Titans means it may be a little harsh for them to be on here. However, having a starting quarterback who can’t even thrown the ball because he doesn’t have feeling in his hands is not a recipe for success.

Somehow they beat the Jaguars last week but until Marcus Mariota can get healthy, they don’t have much chance of success.

9 – Dallas Cowboys (9)

Is the jury even still out on Dak Prescott or are we past that? He was a genuine MVP candidate not too long ago but now the team is on his shoulders, he has shown he isn’t up to it.

Until the Cowboys can put talent around Prescott, Dallas are going to struggle. A top 10 pick in the draft could help…

8 – New York Giants (5)

A win hurt their chances of the top pick in the draft but don’t expect too many more to follow.

Eli Manning has struggled once again and if the Giants can sneak into the top five, they could make up for the mistake of the last draft and take their quarterback of the future.

7 – Detroit Lions (4)

A fantastic win on Sunday night over the Patriots as Matt Patricia got one over on his old boss.

Perhaps things have turned around in Detroit but until we see it, the Lions will stay on this list.

6 – Houston Texans (8)

Is Bill O’Brien the favourite to be the first coach fired?

There is a lot of talent in Houston – on both sides of the ball – but they just look terrible.

How can a team with the likes of J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins be winless through three weeks?

5 – Cleveland Browns (3)

I can be quite snarky, I admit it, but I was genuinely so happy for the Cleveland fans. They celebrated it like a Super Bowl and I honestly can’t blame them.

This is a big week though for Baker Mayfield and the rest of the Browns. They need to back up that win with another against a poor Raiders team.

They may well be picking near the top of the draft again next season, but that could well be the last time for a while. This team finally has some hope.

4 – San Francisco 49ers (-)

This team wasn’t exactly loaded with talent but the presence of Jimmy Garoppolo made them a candidate to really break out this year.

With Jimmy going down, they instantly become one of the favourites for the number one pick.

In some ways it may be a blessing in disguise. Another season, and probably another high pick will really help to build this team and give Kyle Shanahan something to work with in 2019.

3 – Buffalo Bills (1)

What a win. Josh Allen looks like such an exciting prospect. He has a huge arm and showed this week that he can get it done on the ground.

The Bills are unlikely to win too many games with this team, but there is something there if they can build around their rookie QB.

2 – Oakland Raiders (6)

This week may be one of the Raiders’ best chances left to get a win. The Browns come into this one on a high though.

This whole thing just feels so hopeless. The team is leaving Oakland so the fans are hardly feeling great anyway. And watching this team trot out each week is hardly helping.

Maybe a first overall pick is the best thing to move to Las Vegas with.

1 – Arizona Cardinals(2)

Larry Fitzgerald is struggling with an injury and he is one of perhaps two playmakers on offence in Arizona. The other is David Johnson who couldn’t look much further from the running back that had over 200 yards in 2000.

Josh Rosen will start this week and maybe that can give the team a spark, but it is hard to be too hopeful for Arizona.

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