NFL Winners and Losers – Week Three: Blake Bortles goes from hero to zero, Matt Patricia shines and a British player makes a name for himself

Who didn’t see that coming? Two teams that were right at the top of the Lack of Power Rankings heading into the week beat two of the favourites for the Super Bowl. Not just beat them, destroyed them.

The NFL is a crazy league and three weeks in, I don’t know how we get through those months without it each year.

Picking a few winners and losers from this week was very hard as there were so many options.

WINNER – Efe Obada

If this story isn’t made into a movie then somebody in Hollywood isn’t doing their job properly.

For those of you that don’t know Obada’s backstory, look it up.

Against all odds he made the Panthers 53 man roster and he made the most of his first game in league.

He intercepted an Andy Dalton pass in the second half before sacking him late in the game to help the Panthers hold on to the win against the Bengals.

If this first game is anything to go by, we will be seeing a lot more of Obada in the next few years.

LOSER – Blake Bortles

Bortles was heralded as a top 10 quarterback by some in week two after leading the Jaguars to a demolition of the Patriots.

This week we saw the Blake that we all know and love.

155 yards on 34 attempts. No touchdowns and a 9-6 loss to the Titans who had a quarterback in with no feeling in his fingers.

Bortles might not be troubling the MVP voters for this season. Maybe 2019 is his year?

WINNER – Josh Allen

Labelled as a bust before he had even been drafted by the Bills, Josh Allen led the Bills to one of the greatest upsets in NFL history.

This play perhaps being the highlight as he threw for a touchdown and added two on the ground to hand the Vikings an emphatic defeat.

Allen might not end up being the best quarterback from the 2018 draft class, but there is every chance he is the most fun.

LOSER – The NFC West

Not too long ago this was perhaps the most competitive division in football. This season the Rams could wrap things up with five or six games to spare.

Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a suspected ACL injury that would end his season. Josh Rosen came off the bench to throw an interception as the Cardinals blew a 14-point lead. The Seahawks won but have been far from convincing.

The Rams continued to roll on with the team looking like a top five team on both sides of the ball.

Unless something drastic happens then we can already call this one.

WINNER – Matt Patricia

People who listen to the podcast will know my feelings on Matt Patricia. However, he has to be given a lot of credit for how his team played in this game.

The Patriots never got going and that was down to how Patricia planned for the game.

The Lions had their first 100-yard rusher in 87 years (not fact checked. The numbers may be slightly off there) and the defence that had been torched by Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garoppolo held Tom Brady in check.

Is this a sign of things to come? It seems unlikely but Matt is a winner for at least one week.

LOSER – Bill O’Brien

The Houston Texans were being touted as a real contender for the Super Bowl before the season. Deshaun Watson was coming back after showing so much promise.

Well things haven’t gone to plan so far with the Texans now 0-3 after a loss to a hopeless looking Giants team.

O’Brien is the early favourite to be the first coach fired.

Things haven’t always been rosey in Houston for him but a lot of it was put down to the team he was given. Now he has an exciting QB, one of the best receivers in the game, as talented a defence as there is and he still can’t get the team clicking.

If/when he does leave, there will be plenty of coaches excited by the prospect of this team.

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