NFL Lack of Power Rankings – The race for the number one pick in the 2019 draft

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This year may see the most hotly contested race for the number one pick in next year’s draft in some time.

There are a number of teams that look more than capable of matching the Browns 0-16 season.

We have run power rankings in the past but everyone does those so here are the Lack of Power rankings (this name may change in the very near future) tracking the worst teams in the league as they race to pick up the next Baker Mayfield or Myles Garrett.

We will be counting down from ten to one each week.

These will not be based on just record, but how likely it is that a team can pick up that top slot that so many teams already seem to be after.

10 – Tennessee Titans

Honestly, it would not surprise me if the Titans are shooting up these rankings in the near future.

The Marcus Mariota injury is more than a little troubling. This feels like more than just a one week thing but we will see. The team is being decimated by injuries already away from the quarterback position.

The division looks to be more competitive than it ever has been so it could be a long season in Tennessee.

9 – Dallas Cowboys

Has a team ever wasted the huge opportunity that having a quarterback on a rookie deal gives you? The team has the room to give Dak Prescott every chance to succeed but he is throwing it to Allen Hurns and Tavon Austin.

The Cowboys had the chance to build a Legion of Boom era Seahawks but they already look to have blown the amazing chance. Maybe a first overall pick can help them get there but they will probably blow that as well.

8 – Houston Texans

One of the teams with the biggest buzz coming into the season. Could they be the team to emerge and challenge the Patriots? Well, no. They could be the team that fires their coach before Thanksgiving.

Off to an 0-2 start and with Deshaun Watson looking a long way short of that electric quarterback we saw last season, the Texans are already in a bit of a hole.

They have the talent to pull themselves out of this and probably more hope than anyone else on the list, but things just are not right in Houston.

7 – Seattle Seahawks

It is hard to believe it was so recently that this team was regarded as the best or at least one of the best teams in the league.

Since then they have lost nearly all of those players that really made them the most feared defence in the league.

Pete Carroll is loved in Seattle but maybe it is edging closer and closer to needing a change at the Seahawks.

6 – Oakland Raiders

At this rate, Oakland will be glad to see the back of this team.

The Jon Gruden contract looked bad enough when they gave it to him but at this rate does he even make it to year three of that ten year contract?

The effort on that final two minutes of the game from Bruce Irvin sums up this team (check it out if you haven’t seen it).

5 – New York Giants

It has been mentioned on the podcast and will be mentioned again here – The Giants would be in a better spot now if they took Sam Darnold and not Saquon Barkley.

Luckily for the Giants, they will almost certainly have a chance to rectify that at the top of next year’s draft.

4 – Detroit Lions

They actually put in a better performance this week but once again they got themselves into a big hole.

There is already talk that players do not like Matt Patricia. Things could go very badly, very quickly in Detroit.

3 – Cleveland Browns

Is only being at three a win for the Browns here? Of course not, the Browns don’t win anything.

They really could be 2-0 heading into a very winnable Thursday night game with the Jets. Instead they are 0-1-1 and fans must be counting down the days until the team finally fires Hue Jackson and Todd Haley takes over the reigns.

2 – Arizona Cardinals

How this team is not first in the rankings just shows how bad the level is at the bottom of the league this season.

The team has just six points through two games. Benching Sam Bradford for Josh Rosen may spark something but it seems unlikely.

Even David Johnson can’t get anything going. One of the most exciting running backs to come into the league in years looks like an old plodding veteran.

1 – Buffalo Bills

Sorry Bills fans. You’re a lost cause.

I am a fan of Josh Allen and he will at least be more fun to watch than Nathan Peterman but it is a bad time to be a Bills fan.

From the high of making the playoffs last season to this is some drop-off.

It is honestly hard to see where the win comes from for Buffalo. Maybe getting the first pick and trading for a haul of picks will be the quickest way to get this franchise back to something half decent.

Vontae Davis can’t have been the only person wanting to walk out of this franchise at half time on Sunday.

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