NFL Winners and Losers – Week Two

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Another amazing week of football in week two saw the Jaguars pull of a dominant win over the Patriots, the Raiders and Browns both blow leads in the fourth quarter and some rather dismal kicking displays. But who are the big winners and losers from an action packed week two?

WINNER – Blake Bortles

Bortles has been criticised, a lot, and will continue to be criticised. But he put in an excellent display against the Patriots and cemented the Jaguars as the team to beat in the AFC.

Leonard Fournette was out with an injury and Bill Belichick and the Patriots dared Bortles to beat them with his arm. Unfortunately for Bill, he did, time and time again.

Is Bortles good enough for the Jaguars to win a Super Bowl? He showed here that he certainly can be. Whether he can be through an entire playoff run remains to be seen but he showed here what the Jaguars saw in him when he was drafted third overall in 2014.

LOSER – Bill Belichick

As mentioned above, Belichick dared Bortles to win the game for Jacksonville and it didn’t play off for the Patriots.

It was one of quite a few decisions that didn’t come off for Bill on Sunday evening. It is hard to believe that the man who put together a defensive game plan for Super Bwol XXV – a game plan that can be found in the hall of fame – is part of this defensive planning.

The team couldn’t tackle, couldn’t cover and couldn’t contain a Jags offence that was missing it’s number one weapon.

As well as that, the decision to punt instead of going for it on fourth and inches down two scores was a strangely conservative one that instantly proved to be a bad one as Dede Westbrook ran in a 61-yard touchdown seconds later.

A Sunday to forget for Bill.

WINNER – Free agent kickers

Image result for zane gonzalez

Speaking of Sunday’s to forget, there are a number of kickers who will be looking for new jobs this morning. And with that, a few that will now find jobs.

The likes of Dan Bailey and Kai Forbath would have been delighted to see players like Daniel Carlson and Zane Gonzalez blow games for the Vikings and Browns respectively.

Gonzalez cost the Browns a chance at a first win since 2016 for the second consecutive week and Carlson missed multiple opportunities to put away Green Bay.

Could Bailey kick the winner on Thursday night in New York and become a hero in Cleveland?

LOSER – Bud Light

Many of you will already know that Bud Light have placed a number of fridges around Cleveland with locks on them that will be opened when the Browns finally win a game.

They must have been getting excited at Budweiser HQ over the past couple of Sundays that the publicity stunt was going to pay off quickly but those fridges remain padlocked.

If Hue Jackson and Zane Gonzalez hold on in Cleveland for much longer then those beers may pass their best before date.

WINNER – The race for the number one pick in the draft

This is shaping up to be the best race for the number one pick in years. There are a number of teams that look hopeless or pretty close to it.

The Bills are the early favourites but we can’t rule out the Raiders, Cardinals Browns, Lions and even the Giants.

This one could go to the wire.

LOSER – Jameis Winston

Image result for ryan fitzpatrick

Winston has started out the season suspended. Many thought Ryan Fitzpatrick would come in for a few games, throw a few picks and hand the reigns back over.

What Winston couldn’t have accounted for was Fitzmagic. Much like Tebow’s run in 2011, I have no explanation for this than magic.

Fitzpatrick leads the league in passing through two weeks and looks like he has enough magic to last at least a few more weeks.

As we have seen before though, when it ends, it ends quickly. Don’t be surprised if he is back to throwing more touchdowns to the defence than his own players soon.

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