Seahawks and Eagles headline 2018 London games

The Seattle Seahawks will make the trip to London for the NFL International Series for the first time when they play the Oakland Raiders at the new Tottenham Stadium on October 14.

The Seahawks are one of three teams making their first trip to London in a set of games that – on paper – looks much, much better than the previous couple of years.

However, there will be just three games in London this season.

It is the second time that the Raiders will play in London after taking on the Cowboys in 2014.

The next game to be revealed – and will be played in either week seven or eight will see the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Again, the Eagles are making their first trip across.

The current number one seedsĀ in the NFC will take on Jacksonville who have a long history with London.

It will also see London born Jay Ajayi return home after coming over with the Dolphins in 2017.

A third team making their first visit to London – the Tennessee Titans will play the LA Chargers.

There are now just three teams that have not (after these games anyway) played in London – The Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers and the Houston Texans.

There are already rumours that next season could see Green Bay finally make the trip over to play the Chargers.

We will have to wait and see.

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