Coaches on the hot seat – Will your team be looking for a new coach in the offseason?

We are closing in on the end of the regular season and therefore closing in on “Black Monday” – the day when many head coaches will learn that they have been fired.

It seems to be happening earlier and earlier now with many coaches knowing before that day.

The Giants have already let Ben McAdoo go and there seems to be a number of teams that could follow suit.

Let’s start with the easy part – the teams that will not be firing their coach.

Half the head coaches in the league seem to be secure.

TheĀ Eagles, Steelers, Rams, 49ers, Chargers, Jets, Patriots, Vikings, Falcons, Dolphins, Saints, Seahawks, Panthers, Jaguars, Ravens and Texans all seem set to continue with their current coach. Of course, things can change quickly, but right now, this seems safe.

Then there are the coaches that already need to be looking for the next adventure.

As mentioned already, the Giants have already let McAdoo go. The Bears, Colts, Bengals and Buccaneers are almost certain to go in a different direction.

It would really be a shock to see any of those teams sticking with their coaches after bad seasons.

The rest of the teams seem to be up in the air.

The Browns could go 0-16 but have already announced that Hue Jackson will be back. I do not quite trust that though. With a new GM, they could well look to go in a different direction, despite that announcement.

There are some teams that are more likely than others to be looking elsewhere for a coach.

The Arizona Cardinals are unlikely to fire Bruce Arians but there has been speculation that he could well leave due to health reasons.

The Raiders have been the most disappointing team in the league this season and Jack Del Rio could take the blame for that despite looking like real contenders just a year ago.

The Broncos got off to a flying start and looked like one of the best teams in the league for a few weeks. That was quickly followed by a disastrous run that could see Vance Joseph go one and done at Mile High.

Another coach that could be out after just a year is Sean McDermott. It is perhaps surprising as they are currently sat in a playoff spot, but his decision to bench Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman is the sort of decision that gets people fired.

The rest of the teams are probably more safe but I would expect at least one or two of them to make a change.

The Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins and Detroit Lions are all in similar spots. Established coaches that have seen their teams under perform this season. Any of those missing the playoffs will certainly be in trouble. Past performances may help them keep their jobs.

Then there are two teams that could well make the playoffs – The Titans and Chiefs.

The Chiefs midseason collapse could easily have cost Andy Reid his job but the win over the Chargers could have helped to secure the division and with it Reid’s future.

Mike Mularkey is a man who really should be worried right now. Despite a winning record, the team is so uninspiring. A team with Marcus Mariota at quarterback should not be so plain and dull.

If the team are going to get the best from the man they have invested so much in, they may need to get a great offensive head coach in to work with their passer.


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