NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles at one?

8 Atlanta Falcons

Seem to be turning things around but I just do not trust them. The third best team in that division for me.

7 Carolina Panthers

They have a team that is capable of beating anybody on their day. They can also keep bad teams in games. Right now, it seems hard to believe that they will win three or four straight in the playoffs.

6 Jacksonville Jaguars

Just a good team. Imagine how good they could be with a decent quarterback.

5 New Orleans Saints

Leaning on a fantastic running game, the Saints may well be favourites to pick up the second seed and a first round bye. Not sure many saw that coming.

4 Minnesota Vikings

My coach of the year, by far. What a job Mike Zimmer has done. Third string quarterback, starting running back goes down and the team doesn’t look any different.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Really turning into the team everyone thought they could be. Still look like they could lose to any team on the road though. Getting that top seed is going to be crucial.

2 Philadelphia Eagles

Many people’s number one, but I just think that if it came down to it, I’d always be taking New England over them. I think Wentz has been a little overrated this season, but that front seven on defence is incredible.

1 New England Patriots

Playing so well at the moment. The defence has really turned things around and Brady is playing out of his mind. The clear frontrunner for MVP for me. He is just on another level from any other player in the league now Aaron Rodgers is down.

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