NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles at one?

16 Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford is good. The Lions as a whole are middle of the pack. Could sneak into the playoffs but look like they will just miss out.

15 Tennessee Titans

10 games in and I still don’t know what the real Titans team is. At times look like they can be great but then they can just be dreadful. Probably a first round loss on the way.

14 Baltimore Ravens

It seems strange that a team with such an awful offence could make it into the playoffs but it looks like it is going to be the case for Baltimore.

13 Washington Redskins

A good defence. A quarterback playing very well. They just can’t seem to get the wins. Blowing that lead to the Saints could be a season ender.

12 Kansas City Chiefs

What has happened to them? Have opponents just figured them out? Hunt doesn’t look like half the player he was over the start of the season.

11 Los Angeles Chargers

They look like the best team in that division right now. Beat the Chiefs and this is really on.

10 Seattle Seahawks

Just decimated by injuries. Russell Wilson is playing incredibly and keeping them in this. He really should be right in the MVP conversation.

9 Los Angeles Rams

Losing on the road to the Vikings isn’t a terrible loss. A couple of mistakes were the real difference. Still look to be favourites for the division and they will be a threat in January. A big game with New Orleans coming up.

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