NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles at one?

24 Denver Broncos

They looked so good just a few weeks ago. They really were my pick to come out of the AFC in the early part of the season. Now getting another win seems like an achievement.

23 Cincinnati Bengals

Just a middle of the pack team. There isn’t a lot to say about the Bengals right now.

22 Houston Texans

It is such a shame that Watson went down. This could have been an exciting season in Houston.

21 Chicago Bears

There are a lot of things to like about this team. They just aren’t that good though.

20 Dallas Cowboys

Time to put a halt to that Dak being among the elite quarterbacks discussion.

19 Oakland Raiders

I want to put them lower than this, but it is hard to put them behind any of the other teams. A miserable season for a team that many considered a Super Bowl contender.

18 New York Jets

Pretty much the exact season the Jets didn’t want. Miss the playoffs and miss out on a top pick in the draft.

17 Buffalo Bills

One of the worst coaching decisions I have ever seen to switch quarterbacks. That is how a coach that had been looking good gets themselves fired.

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