NFL Power Rankings: New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles at one?

This is my first rankings for a few weeks now and the league looks very different from where it was then.

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32 Cleveland Browns

Hue Jackson just has to go. Great coordinator, terrible head coach.

31 Arizona Cardinals

This team is in a terrible situation. I think they could be in for a few years of picking right at the top of the draft.

30 San Francisco 49ers

There really is plenty of reason to be hopeful, but for this season, just getting that win makes a big difference. Nobody wants that on their record.

29 Indianapolis Colts

There are some big changes that need to happen in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, I don’t trust anybody in that organisation to do it.

28 Green Bay Packers

Without Aaron Rodgers, they are just one of the very worst teams in the league.

27 Miami Dolphins

At least we can stop calling them a playoff contender. I still have no idea how they got to four wins this season.

26 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So much promise but just a lost season in Tampa. It seems like a change at head coach is coming.

25 New York Giants

25 almost seems too high for this team but a win against the Chiefs is always good. This has to look like a very different Giants team next season or we will just see the same problems. Those changes need to happen at head coach and quarterback to start.

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