NFL Power Rankings Week Six: Multiple winless teams in 2017?

32 Cleveland Browns (32) No Change

Just hopeless. I really don’t know what there is to say about them. Hue Jackson is a fantastic coordinator, but he has shown again that head coaching is not for him.

31 San Francisco 49ers (31) No Change

I like Shanahan but there is only so much he can do. They have been in the majority of games so far this season but haven’t found a win.  They face the Giants in a couple of weeks in what could be a battle of who goes winless.

30 New York Giants (28) Down 2

What a disaster. There is a real chance they could go 0-16. Amazing really when you thin hwo many people were picking them as a Super Bowl contender.

29 Los Angeles Chargers (30) Up 1

Almost accidentally won. This whole move to LA is looking worse every week.

28 Chicago Bears (29) Up 1

Trubisky gave them a spark. I’m not sure they are going to do too much this season but there is real hope for the future. They need to give him some receivers next year though.

27 Arizona Cardinals (25) Down 2

A win and moving down doesn’t seem normal but they are just not a good team. They snuck the win but this team is done. I think they will look very different this time next season. New quarterback, no Fitzgerald and perhaps a new head coach.

26 Miami Dolphins (27) Up 1

Won in the least impressive fashion. It is so strange to see how Jay Ajayi is playing this year. It felt like this was his season. I think he will get it going eventually but too late for the Dolphins.

25 New York Jets (24) Down 1

Who would have thought they’d be going into this game with the Pats as the ones on a three game win streak?

24 Indianapolis Colts (23) Down 1

Get a win this week and it gives them a realistic shot at making the playoffs once Andrew Luck returns. I must admit I did not think that was possible but with the injuries the Texans have it could be a reality.

23 Baltimore Ravens (26) Up 3

Took care of business in Oakland. I don’t really know what the real version of the Ravens is. I think they are a good defensive team that has a below average offence. One that won’t be playing postseason football.

22 Tennessee Titans (18) Down 4

This team is completely different with Mariota. If he can’t get back this week then they could be in big trouble.

21 Cincinnati Bengals (22) Up 1

I’m not saying they are great but I think we all overreacted in that first couple of weeks. They will get 6-9 wins and probably miss out on the playoffs. I don’t think that will be enough to save Lewis’ job.

20 New Orleans Saints (21) Up 1

Come off the bye week with a chance to beat a decent team and put themselves in the conversation for a playoff spot. I love that they have finally got rid of Peterson. It takes away some of the confusion in the backfield and I think we will see a big ¾ of a season from Mark Ingram.

19 Dallas Cowboys (16) Down 3

Already look a long way behind the Eagles and even the Redskins. It just hasn’t been so easy for Prescott or Elliott this season and they can’t get going.

18 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14) Down 4

That would have been such a big win for the Bucs but once again kicking issues cost them.

17 Oakland Raiders (12) Down 5

Even with Derek Carr they didn’t look the same team as last year. Without him they are a bottom half team.

16 Pittsburgh Steelers (9) Down 7

Wow, what a dreadful performance. Will Ben finally follow through with the retirement talk? I imagine Steelers fans could live with it if he did.

15 Minnesota Vikings (17) Up 2

Sam Bradford is having the same problems he has had his entire career. He just can’t stay healthy and it could cost the Vikings. They can’t hang with the Packers with Case Keenum at quarterback.

14 Jacksonville Jaguars (20) Up 6

A fantastic win. Absolutely destroyed the Steelers and this defence is for real. They are still held back by the same old problems but they are fun to watch.

13 Washington Redskins (13) No Change

No Josh Norman is big for this defence. They should have enough to get the win but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to me if they lost.

12 Detroit Lions (5) Down 7

I finally start believing in them after a couple of years and they go straight back to why I didn’t in the first place. Just not a great team.

11 Buffalo Bills (7) Down 4

A disappointing loss. I think I was a little too quick to declare them for real, but they are still a good team.

10 Houston Texans (11) Up 1

Another season ending injury for Watt is devestating but the Mercilus injury as well is a killer for this superb defence.

9 Carolina Panthers (19) Up 10

I am in on the Panthers. Get a win against the Eagles and they could be my favourites to take the NFC. This is a huge game.

8 Seattle Seahawks (15) Up 7

This is more of a correction than me really believing in the Seahawks. They got a win against one of the hot teams. I still think they could be in some trouble this year though.

7 Los Angeles Rams (6) Down 1

It would have been good to see them get the win and really cement themselves as a legitimate threat. They now travel to Jacksonville in what is now a surprisingly intriguing game. This could show what the real version of both teams is.

6 New England Patriots (10) Up 4

Got the win but there are still real concerns on the defence in particular. Brady is carrying an injury into this one and they really need to protect him better.

5 Green Bay Packers (8) Up 3

Why would you let Aaron Rodgers have that much time?

4 Philadelphia Eagles (4) No Change

A huge game for them this week. Get a win and they will cement themselves as one of, if not the favourite to win the NFC.

3 Atlanta Falcons (3) No Change

Come off the bye and ease back in with Dolphins. They need to take care of business and there will be tougher challenges to come.

2 Denver Broncos (2) No Change

Right now they are my Super Bowl pick. I think they are the team best equipped to take down the Chiefs.

1 Kansas City Chiefs (1) No Change

Can’t have them anywhere else right now. Probably the most complete team in the league.

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