NFL Power Rankings Week 5: LA Rams and Buffalo Bills on the move – New England Patriots heading in the other direction

8 Green Bay Packers (8) No Change

Another tough game this week. Come through this and they will perhaps become the favourite for the NFC. At 3-1 despite a number of injuries, they are only going to move up these rankings as the season goes on.

7 Buffalo Bills (20) Up 13

They are the real deal. That defence is fantastic. This may seem high but they have wins against my second and third ranked teams. I don’t think I can have them lower.

6 Los Angeles Rams (17) Up 11

Wow. What a turnaround. This season has made me feel good about my Jeff Fisher opinion over the past few seasons. Sean McVay is the real deal.

5 Detroit Lions (7) Up 2

They just keep winning. Really could be 4-0 right now. Are Detroit finally going to see some playoff football?

4 Philadelphia Eagles (6) Up 2

I am so impressed with the Eagles. Not perfect, particularly in the secondary, but I think they really could be in for a big season. They have the ability to beat anybody.

3 Atlanta Falcons (2) Down 1

A loss against a surprisingly good Bills defence is no disgrace. They could have had a couple more losses though this season if things had broken slightly differently. They are a very good team, but also beatable.

2 Denver Broncos (4) Up2

Took care of business against the Raiders and cemented themselves as the biggest threat to the Chiefs. The race for the AFC west is going to be fascinating all year.

1 Kansas City Chiefs (1) No Change

Not their best game. I think they were outplayed by the Redskins, but good teams win those games and the Chiefs are a good team.

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