NFL Power Rankings Week 5: LA Rams and Buffalo Bills on the move – New England Patriots heading in the other direction

16 Dallas Cowboys (10) Down 6

The third best team in the division for me. Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension could still happen this season. If it does, I think you can call it a day on the Cowboys’ season.

15 Seattle Seahawks (15) No Change

Are they even going to make the playoffs? There is one team in the division that looks like a contender. For the first time in a few years it is not Seattle.

14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14) No Change

A big game coming up with the Pats this week. It could really cement them as a contender. A loss and you have to wonder how good they really are.

13 Washington Redskins (16) Up 3

Really impressed me despite the loss. Some disastrous clock management from Gruden did not help.

12 Oakland Raiders (5) Down 7

Without Derek Carr, this team can’t win the AFC West. If he misses more than a couple of weeks then it could be the end of the Raiders season. They are already two games back from the Chiefs. They can’t afford to make that too many more.

11 Houston Texans (13) Up 2

A fantastic win. I want to see a couple more weeks of Deshaun Watson before I really declare him ready for the big time, but he has impressed so far.

10 New England Patriots (3) Down 7

This defence is just a disaster. Tom Brady is playing at a higher level than he was a year ago but the team can barely win. They are some Brady magic from being 1-3 and in trouble.

9 Pittsburgh Steelers (9) No Change

Winning but they are not exactly convincing. It was good to see Le’Veon Bell getting more action and they need to turn to him more.

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