NFL Power Rankings Week 5: LA Rams and Buffalo Bills on the move – New England Patriots heading in the other direction

24 New York Jets (29) Up 5

Surprisingly ok. They are playing hard despite all the things that make you think they probably would not be. All the talk about tanking this season and when they meet New England in a couple of weeks they could legitimately have the better record.

23 Indianapolis Colts (27) Up 4

Andrew Luck is back in practice and it can’t come soon enough for the Colts.

22 Cincinnati Bengals (31) Up 9

They aren’t as dreadful as they appeared in the first couple of weeks. Not a great team and they aren’t making the playoffs, but it isn’t awful.

21 New Orleans Saints (22) Up 1

Need to carry the momentum from that good win in London into this week. The Falcons and Panthers don’t look dominant despite their records. I don’t think the Saints can win the division, but crazier things have happened.

20 Jacksonville Jaguars (18) Down 2

No idea who the real Jaguars are. They can look like genuine contenders one week and then look like the Browns another. They have so much talent but they are still held back by Blake Bortles. It really wouldn’t be stunning of they try and pull off a big trade at some point. A couple of years of Drew Brees?

19 Carolina Panthers (23) Up 4

This seems low for a team with a record that they have, but I do not trust them. Cam looked back to his best against the Patriots but I feel like I could throw for 300 yards and two touchdowns on this Pats defence right now.

18 Tennessee Titans (12) Down 6

A really bad loss to the Texans. Last year the Titans’ poor in division record cost them. It could be the same again this year.

17 Minnesota Vikings (11) Down 6

They need Sam Bradford back. Case Keenum is not disastrous, but they can’t win a good division with him.

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