NFL Power Rankings Week 5: LA Rams and Buffalo Bills on the move – New England Patriots heading in the other direction

32 Cleveland Browns (32) No Change

I really thought they had some hope this season. Apparently it is more of the same. As the number one Browns apologist in the UK I have come up with an interesting theory though. How about the Browns starting pair of Josh Rosen and Le’Veon Bell in 2018? They have the cap room to give Bell the deal he wants. I don’t think it is so crazy…

31 San Francisco 49ers (30) Down 1

I think they may be better than a couple of teams above them but until they win I just can’t move them up.

30 Los Angeles Chargers (24) Down 6

Hopeless team in a hopeless situation. London Chargers anyone? I think we can almost guarantee they are playing one game in London next year.

29 Chicago Bears (26) Down 3

Vikings, Ravens and Panthers is not exactly the nicest trio of defences to start against. I would have held Mitchell Trubisky out another few weeks. I think the hot seat is causing John Fox to make some bad decisions.

28 New York Giants (25) Down 3

A trendy pick for the Super Bowl in preseason. They are just awful. They have however got a good chance to get that first win this week.

27 Miami Dolphins (19) Down 8

I thought Jay Cutler could be ok for the Dolphins. No. Just no. However, I don’t think Jay Ajayi has been quite as bad as the numbers look. He will get going.

26 Baltimore Ravens (21) Down 5

Remember all those debates about Joe Flacco being elite?

25 Arizona Cardinals (28) Up 3

Move up three because they got the win but they are just not a good team.

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