True or False: Dolphins v Saints International Series special

One of these teams will make the playoffs

John – At least one of them will I think it’ll be the Saints but wouldn’t be shocked if the Dolphins made a late run at the Playoffs.

Dan – False. When you start to look how the cards appear to be falling in both the NFC and AFC, it seems hard to believe that either team can make it. In the AFC the Dolphins probably won’t win the Division and I genuinely believe that 2 wild card teams come from the AFC West. In the NFC I can’t see the Saints beating out either the Bucs or the Falcons in their division and I think the 2nd Wild Card spot goes to either the NFC East or North.

Dave G – False. The Dolphins have the better chance of the two for me but I think there are at least two teams that will beat them for the wild card spots. The two AFC West teams that do not win the division as well as the Ravens. Even one of the AFC South teams could beat them to it.

Dave M – False. Although I’d give New Orleans slightly better odds. Both teams have top-heavy divisions and are too inconsistent to remain a threat in the wildcard for more than a couple of weeks.

Drew Brees is a top five quarterback in the league

Dan – Drew Brees at his current age, I think just narrowly misses out on a top 5 spot, behind Brady, Rodgers, Carr, Wilson and Luck. There is however a possibility that he might be top 5 all-time, but that’s for another time.

John – What more can you say about the man that hasn’t already been said before he is a Hall of Famer has records better than anyone and is I mind one of the best to ever play the game.

Dave M – True. Absolutely he is. He has been doing this at too high a standard for too long not to be. Who’ve you got ahead of him? Wilson? Give me a break. Luck? The guy can barely stay on the field! Ryan? Last season is the outlier in his career, not the norm. Drew Brees is one of the greatest ever and a sure fire Hall of Famer.

Dave G – False. Brady, Rodgers, Luck, Wilson, Newton and perhaps as many as three others are ahead of him now for me. He is always going to put up stats, and he is still great, but if I am drafting for one season right now, he isn’t in my top five.

The Saints will win the game

John – It’s going to be a tight affair between these two both love to put up points. I feel that the Saints will put up a big score that’ll be just to much for the Dolphins.

Dave G – False. I just think Miami have a bit more about them. However, they will need to show way more on offence than they did against the Jets.

Dave M – False. I don’t know. Last week the exact opposite happened to what I predicted and this one has a similar feel, except that the teams are closer matched.. Brees has often struggled on the road and on grass and Ajayi is going to have a monster game, so my vote goes to Miami.

Dan – False. I don’t think what we saw from the Dolphins against the Jets was entirely accurate and can be chalked up to one of those games that happens in division games, for which the same can be said for a Saints team that beat up on a decimated Panthers line up. Regardless, this should be a good one though


This will be the best of the four games in London this season

John – It could be we are getting to see two Hall of famers this week in Brees and Peterson . But I think that the Rams Vs Cards will be the best game as it’s going to be tight and it’s a divisional game.

Dan – True! I certainly think this will be the closest. That being said it depends a lot on what Jay Cutler we get. If we get the player that lives up to his physical talents this should be a fun shoot out.

Dave M – False. The Cards/Rams game will be the closest. This one has a feel of last weeks, I’m not sure which team will win, but I think the most likely result is a blowout.

Dave G – True. It certainly seems to be the most intriguinh.

Jay Ajayi will have more than 100 yards rushing.

Dan – True. This still isn’t a great Saints defence. I think Ajayi can take full advantage of that.

Dave M – True. Sean Payton’s entire game plan is simply to outscore you. It doesn’t matter if Jay Ajayi has 150 yards. Brees, Thomas, Ingram, Kamara et al, these guys could put up 500 yards of total offence almost at will, they don’t give a damn about defence.

Dave G – True. He really should do anyway. This is a poor Saints defence and he should have a big day.

John – He only rushed for 16yards last week this week I think be is really going to break out a few times I’m going 150 and 2 TD.


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