NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Chiefs hold on to top spot

8 Green Bay Packers (8) No Change

It feels like the most unbelievable stat in the NFL that Aaron Rodgers had never won an overtime game before this week, but he finally got that win. The Bengals are not good and they really should have got the win, but the Packers move to 2-1 and that is all that matters right now.

7 Detroit Lions (7) No Change

I was almost more impressed in this loss than in either of the wins. They are a good team that really could have stolen the win from the Falcons.

6 Philadelphia Eagles (10) Up 4

Losing Darren Sproles is a big hit to the offence. The run game is the real weakness of this team and it could hurt them but I feel like they are the real deal.

5 Oakland Raiders (5) No Change

I’m not going to overreact to one bad game, but it was not good at all. The big issue is that it is going to be hard to get back on track straight away as they head to Denver to take on a very good Broncos team this week.

4 Denver Broncos (3) Down 1

This was a really surprising loss but I don’t want to overreact. They had a great first two games. The big issue is that in the division these sort of losses could really come back to haunt them in January.

3 New England Patriots (4) Up 1

Thomas Brady. What a man. What a couple of plays. He is so incredible and it has been such a pleasure to watch him. The NFL will be a worse place when (if?) he ever retires.

2 Atlanta Falcons (2) No Change

Edged out the Lions in what could end up being a preview of a playoff game. The Falcons aren’t unbeatable, but they look to be the most complete team in the conference.

1 Kansas City Chiefs (1) No Change

Just such a good team. They have the perfect recipe to go all the way this season. The biggest danger looks to be how many games they could lose within the division. If they get the first seed then it could be tough for anybody to beat them.

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