NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Chiefs hold on to top spot

16 Washington Redskins (20) Up 4

A really good win against one of the hottest teams in the league. They have good players throughout the team and could make some noise towards the end of the season.

15 Seattle Seahawks (13) Down 2

15 almost seems too high but it is hard not to think they will come good. Russell Wilson is playing great and the offence still can’t really get going. The line is as bad as ever. If it wasn’t for Wilson then this team could be amongst the worst in the league this season.

14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9) Down 5

After a superb win in week two, they just put in a dreadful performance. The Vikings are a good team, and losing to them is no disgrace, but the Bucs barely looked competitive.

13 Houston Texans (18) Up 5

This is a big move up considering they lost, but it was one of the best performances of the week and they came within a Tom Brady masterclass of walking out of New England with the win. The AFC South is becoming sneakily competitive. It could well be the best division in the league in a year or two.

12 Tennessee Titans (17) Up 5

A very good win and the Titans are starting to look like the real deal. They dominated Seattle and look to be the favourites for the division.

11 Minnesota Vikings (16) Up 5

Where did that come from Case Keenum? With Sam Bradford they are a real contender in the NFC and maybe they are the favourite for the division ahead of Green Bay.

10 Dallas Cowboys (11) Up 1

Took care of business against the Cardinals. They feel like a team that could creep up these rankings in the coming weeks.

9 Pittsburgh Steelers (6) Down 3

A dreadful loss to a bad team that sums up the Mike Tomlin era for the Steelers. How can they be so good at times and lose so many of these games?

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