NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Chiefs hold on to top spot

24 Los Angeles Chargers (19) Down 5

Philip Rivers might actually break the interception record.

23 Carolina Panthers (15) Down 8

If they carry on using McCaffrey like this then he is heading for an injury. The offence is awful and it will not be long before we see a change in the coordinator, if not the head coach.

22 New Orleans Saints (21) Down 1

It seems so strange to move them down after a dominant win, but it is more about not trusting them and other teams moving up than anything. I still do not see this being more than a 6 or 7 win team.

21 Baltimore Ravens (12) Down 9

That has to be the worst ever showing at Wembley. They were absolutely pathetic. Absolutely dominated in all departments and even made Blake Bortles look good.

20 Buffalo Bills (25) Up 5

An impressive win over one of the most impressive teams in the league. Buffalo is a tough place to go for teams and it could lead to more wins. It almost feels a little harsh to have them this low, but I just do not trust it quite yet. I do think LeSean McCoy will have a big bounceback though.

19 Miami Dolphins (14) Down 5

A terrible loss for a team that looked very impressive in their first game of the season. It was worrying just how bad they were when a team could shut down Jay Ajayi.

18 Jacksonville Jaguars (22) Up 4

What a fantastic win and performance. This defence is the real deal. Even Blake Bortles looked good at Wembley. If he can just be average then the Jaguars have a real chance of playing postseason football.

17 Los Angeles Rams (23) Up 6

Are the Rams legit? It seems a little soon to say but they look like they are a real contender in the NFC West this season. It should not be a surprise when a first overall pick plays well but Jared Goff has improved so much under Sean McVay.

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