NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Chiefs hold on to top spot

32 Cleveland Browns (28) Down 4

There looked like some promise, and Deshone Kizer could be the answer for Cleveland, but it looks like another season picking in the top two or three.

31 Cincinnati Bengals (31) No Change

Had a real chance to steal a win from the Packers but some magic from Rodgers and some blown plays cost them. Marvin Lewis cannot have too long left.

30 San Francisco 49ers (27) Down 3

One of the most exciting Thursday Night Football games ever? Ultimately, they still lost, but it is not hopeless for 49ers fans. Shanahan is very good and it may take time, but it looks as though the 49ers will return to where they should be soon enough.

29 New York Jets (32) Up 3

Got the win and in impressive fashion. It is hard to know how happy Jets fans will be with this but winning is always fun. It does seem to go against their ultimate goal for the season though.

28 Arizona Cardinals (26) Down 2

Just hopeless. It is sad to see Larry Fitzgerald going out on a team like this. He deserves more.

27 Indianapolis Colts (30) Up 3

That trade looks worth it even if Brissett never plays another game for the Colts. He has contributed more than Dorsett would have. They need Luck back, and soon, but they can at least be sort of competitive without him.

26 Chicago Bears (29) Up 3

A really good win. There is a lot of talent on the Bears, but the coach does not seem the right person to get it out of them.

25 New York Giants (24) Down 1

They actually scored a touchdown! The boxscore makes this game look better than it was for the Giants.

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