True or False: International Series special – Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The International Series licks off this week and we are back with the first True or False of the season.

Each week we will take a number of statements and decide if they are true or false.

This week we have Dave Matthewman, Dan McLaughlin and John Maconald.

1 – The Jaguars will beat the Ravens

Dan – False. I think it’ll be closer than people think, but I think the Ravens offence can move the ball better, even with no Marshall Yanda.

John – The Jags looked impressive with their win over The Texans week one. The Defence is one of the best about when it clicks. The Ravens look good also. It’s going to be the best Defence that wins the day and I think the Jags have better one but only just.

Dave M – False! We are once again looking at a Jags team that will not live up to its potential, again they are held back by their QB. Bortles is the worst starting QB in the League, by some distance now that Osweiler’s been put out to pasture. Sure, Fournette’s a nice piece and the defence look good, but Flacco, Harbaugh et al will be licking their lips at this matchup.

2 – There will be three or more interceptions thrown at Wembley on Sunday

Dan – True. Both Bortles and Flacco love turning the ball over.

Dave M – False. Probably. It all depends how many passes Bortles has. If it’s more than 25, he might have three picks on his own! Flacco might have one, but I’ll take the under on a combined three because I can’t see the game being too high scoring nor the Jags letting Blake off his leash.John – Yeah it seems high but both these teams Defences are amazing and it’s going to be a great defensive game. (just as I like a game.)

3 – The Ravens are the best defence in the league

Dan – True. Right now I think the Ravens defence leads the way, with the Panthers running them pretty close.

John – They are good but a lot of teams have good young defences. I would definitely put them top

Dave M – False. By my reckoning they make the top five behind Denver, Seattle and Houston but not by much. I like what they’ve done on defence, but they have to prove it against a high flying offence for me to believe it and so far they’ve played the two teams from Ohio who are not so much high flyers as they are dead on arrival.

4 – This will be Blake Bortles last season as a Jaguar

John – I don’t know I still think he’s got more to show us. If he’s not shown it by the end of the season though Jags might of had enough.

Dan – True. Unless we see a massive turn around Bortles is only in the job because there isn’t a better option.

Dave M – False. But it will be his last as starter. If the Jags want to stop being bottom-feeders (six consecutive seasons with a top-5 draft pick) they MUST address the QB position. They’re worse than Houston even.

5 – At least one of these teams will make the playoffs

Dave M – False. I can’t see it to be honest. I have New England, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Oakland and Denver. I guess that the three West teams could all take games from each other, but the Ravens still have to go to Green Bay, Pittsburgh and, wait a minute, have you seen their schedule? AFC South and NFC North! Sure, the Vikings, Packers and Lions have all looked good in patches, but Baltimore are surely good enough to win one of those games. And who in the South will beat them? So I say they go 2-2 against the NFC North, 3-1 against the AFC South and 4-2 in Division. That leaves them hosting Miami and visiting Oakland. So I guess I have them at at least 10 wins. Which just might get them a wildcard spot. So I’m switching my answer to true. Probably.

Dan – True. I think both stand a pretty good chance, mainly thanks to strength of division (although I’d never be so bold as saying the AFC North is weak)

John – I think they both will but I say that about the Jags every year.



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