Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

8 Green Bay Packers

They were beaten handily by the Falcons but the Packers are still one of the better teams in the league. Any time you have Aaron Rodgers you have a chance but it looks like the same old problems for Green Bay.

We will see as the season progresses but I wouldn’t be shocked to see them sliding down these rankings.

7 Detroit Lions

I feel so strangely about the Lions. I’m not sure if they are actually good or not. That sort of goes for Matthew Stafford as well. There is a lot of evidence for both sides. They really could snatch the division from Green Bay this season.

6 Pittsburgh Steelers

The AFC has five very strong teams and the Steelers are one of them. They really could be in any order so while I have the Steelers at six, it is more of a 1B(or F). Any of these six could be one really.

5 Oakland Raiders

They have got off to a superb start but they have not played any tough teams yet. They have handled the Titans and Jets with ease though and the Redskins shouldn’t pose too much of a threat this week. The big issue for the Raiders – as with two teams coming up – is that they are playing in what is far and away the best division in the NFL. The fourth best team could probably win four or five other divisions.

4 New England Patriots

A loss to the Chiefs posed a lot of questions but Brady and the Pats bounced back in week two with a demolition of the Saints. They are still favourites for the AFC and I would expect them to jump up the rankings in the coming weeks.

3 Denver Broncos

They looked so good in beating the Cowboys. The offence was rolling and the defence looks as good as ever. It is going to be tough for any team to beat the Broncos. As above with the Raiders, the big threat could be just how tough the division is. It will be hard for any of these teams to get the first seed because they will be beating each other and taking wins away.

2 Atlanta Falcons

I, like many, thought that there could be a Super Bowl hangover. With a new offensive coordinator it looked as though Matt Ryan and the offence could take a step back but it is possible they are even better. The defence has improved and they look an even more complete team. Right now they look like a big favourite to return to the Super Bowl.

1 Kansas City Chiefs

What a start. Probably the best start of any team with wins against two different top 10 teams. It is hard not to give them the one. There is no obvious weakness with Justin Houston looking like a beast and Kareem Hunt giving the offence another edge.

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