Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

16 Minnesota Vikings

It was such a blow to lose Sam Bradford after he put in perhaps the best display of his career in week one. It is so hard to know how to rate this team. With him, they are amongst the best in the league. Without him, they are almost certainly a bottom half team. We should find out soon just how bad the knee injury is. They could be set for a big jump up in the next rankings should he make it back quickly.

15 Carolina Panthers

2-0 but it is not all that it seems for the Panthers. Something still is not right with Cam Newton and the offence is struggling. They have a great defence but they will need Cam to get back to that MVP form if they are going to do anything in this incredibly tough division.

14 Miami Dolphins

Escaped with a win in what was their season opener after the postponed first game but it could have been very different. There is a lot to like about the Dolphins and it would not be a shock to see them playing in the postseason, but they just look a little short.

13 Seattle Seahawks

Every year there is a team that everyone expects to make it into the playoffs that has a big drop off and misses out. The Seahawks are a real candidate for that. They may be saved by playing in such a weak division, but the team has the same huge issues that they had last season. They could almost not bother playing an offensive line the way it has gone so far this season. Wilson saves this team on so many occasions.

12 Baltimore Ravens

Perhaps the best defence in the league and that will win them plenty of games. The offence is ok but Joe Flacco may hold them back. The running game is looking better than expected and they will be there or there about come the end of the season.

11 Dallas Cowboys

This feels low, but I honestly just do not trust them. I think Dak Prescott is good but not great, and if Ezekiel Elliot is not firing, then the team struggles. They were going up against a very good team in the Broncos but there were worrying signs. The Eagles look like the class of the division for me.

10 Philadelphia Eagles

They look like the real deal, even if they could not pull of the win in Kansas City. I have been really impressed with a lot of what they have done. I think they are the class of the NFC East and they have what it takes to beat the Cowboys to the division crown.

9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There was a lot of preseason buzz about the team and they loved up to that hype against the Bears. There will be way bigger tests to come but they have a lot of talent on either side of the ball and really could make a splash. Could well end up being one of three NFC South teams in the playoffs.

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