Week three NFL power rankings – The AFC is dominant

24 New York Giants

The offence is just awful. Eli Manning can’t seem to get the ball down the field and the running game is non-existent. The offence appears to be Odell Beckham only, and he is struggling with injury. The defence will win them some games, but they look a longshot to make the playoffs, even this early in the season.

23 Los Angeles Rams

There is some promising signs for the Rams. The defence can be very, very good. Wade Phillips is a genius and he could make this a formidable unit. The offence is still where the worries are, even after putting up huge numbers in week one. Sean McVay is one of the brightest young coaches, and the team are in good hands, but it could be a couple of years before we really see the Rams challenge again.

22 Jacksonville Jaguars

Blake Bortles, this has to be it for him. The rest of the team is arguably amongst the most talented in the league. The defence has taken some stick this week but they were just beaten down by the poor performance of the offence. They won the game in week one but they could not carry the team through Bortles issues this time. There has to be a change somewhere.

21 New Orleans Saints

The same old story for the Saints. Once again they start 0-2. Once again the defence is a major issue. They may well be in the best division in the NFC. There is not much hope for New Orleans fans.

20 Washington Redskins

The team just can’t pay Kirk Cousins. I know it is hard to find a quarterback in the NFL but paying Cousins is not the answer. He will likely end up being one of the highest paid players in history when he gets the deal and the Redskins need to move on. He is not good enough to win the team a Super Bowl.

19 Los Angeles Chargers

New city, same old Chargers. It is amazing how many times they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It feels like they could be closer to unbeaten over the past two seasons but once again they are staring at a season without postseason football already. They are in such a tough division, it is hard to see them making it in.

18 Houston Texans

A superb defence and a majorly flawed offence. I like DeShaun Watson – he was my favourite quarterback coming into the draft – but he needed time. He will have to learn on the job and he showed what he can do with one of the plays of the season, but it is going to be tough for the Texans.

17 Tennessee Titans

They have so much promise, but like a few teams, I think the coaching will hold them back from really challenging. They feel ready for a new coach to come in and really take them to the next level. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later for Titans fans.

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