Pat McAfee takes a shot at Eli Manning after New York Giants loss to Detroit Lions

Pat McAfee has taken a shot at Eli Manning after the Giants quarterback seemed to go down very easily after a Ziggy Ansah.

The former Colts punter just tweeted: “Flop city” alongside a video of the sack.

It isn’t even clear if Ansah actually touches Manning, let alone gets enough contact to cause a sack but Manning goes down almost immediately.

It is not a good look for a player on an offence that has been awful through two games.

Many have speculated that Manning could be on his way out of New York in the next season or two and his early performances this season will have done nothing to play down that talk.

Even with the return of Odell Beckham the Giants offence looked poor.

The defence is among the best in the league but they will need some help from the two time Super Bowl MVP.

Ben McAdoo will also find himself under pressure if he can not turn things around for his struggling team.

They already look well behind the Eagles and Cowboys at this stage of the season.

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