Minnesota Vikings fan preview – the battle for the North

Up next in our series of fan previews is John Mcdonald and the Minnesota Vikings.

How long have you been watching the NFL?

I’m been watching the NFL for only probably 15 years now.

How did you become a fan of the Vikings?

I had watched a few Super Bowls not really caring about it just to enjoy the sport. Then in 2008 I began watch it more regularly not having a team. The next year I said I have a team by the the end of it. I sat watched the NFC Championship game when Brett threw that is interception my heart shank from then on I was a Vikings fan.

Who was the biggest loss for your team in the offseason?

It would be easy to say AP here, he’s a great player 1st ballot Hall Of Famer already. I’m not going to say him I’m going to go with Chad Greenway he was alway a sure thing in Minnesota and with him gone I’m think that the line maybe a little inexperienced. Don’t get me wrong they are good but he was always there to plug up the gap.

Who was the best addition?

Cooks he has some big shoes to fill but I like what I have seen from the kid so far.

Assuming no major injuries, what is the floor and what is the ceiling for your team this year?

Ceiling -think the Superbowl is still a bit much of stretch but a win in the playoffs would be good.

Floor- With our O-Line still needing a lot of work I’m worried that we might not have a QB midway though the season. That would be us finishing last in our Division.

Who is the biggest threat in your division?

Simple – Green Bay.

Which player are you most excited to see in action?

Cook looks like he could be something special so I can’t wait to see him in a real game.

What is your team’s biggest strength?

Our Defence all over is just amazing but last year they dropped off towards the end of the year because they had been out there so much.

Biggest weakness?

That’s simple our O-Line still needing a lot of work. It has for years but still not getting the attention it deserves.

To win the Super Bowl my team need to…..

Try and keep it simple our defence is amazing but we can not just keep relyingon them to get us the wins. We need a WR to step up and lead the team on that front.

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