Green Bay Packers fan preview – Record breaking offence?

Up next in our fan previews is Robert Farmery and the Green Bay Packers.

How long have you been watching the NFL?

Been watching NFL 13 years since my dad bought Sky for my 18th birthday.

How did you become a fan of the Packers?

Became a fan of the Packers because they were the first team I watched against Cardinals. They lost!

Who was the biggest loss for your team in the offseason?

Biggest loss would have to be T.J Lang. Ever consistent performer. Hope he doesn’t come back to bite us for the Lions.

Who was the best addition?

Biggest addition is Marcellus Bennet. He strengthens an already scary offence. Looking forward to seeing him and Rodgers tear open defences this year!

Assuming no major injuries, what is the floor and what is the ceiling for your team this year?

Floor – 2nd in the NFC North. We can be our own worst enemy at the best of times especially where our defence is concerned.

Ceiling – Super Bowl winners! We will always be in contention while we still have Rodgers at QB. He is unreal to watch and will only get better this year with more weapons at his’ disposal. Watch him be this years MVP.

Who is the biggest threat in your division?

Biggest threat in our division will probably be Vikings, but I reckon they will drop off again. Bears and Lions are improving but not enough to challenge us properly just yet.

Which player are you most excited to see in action?

I’m most excited to see how TY Montgomery does in his first full year as a running back. If he performs to a high standard, then this offence has the opportunity to break some records.

What is your team’s biggest strength?

Biggest strength would have to be our head coach. He gets far too much stick for what it’s worth when we hit a losing stretch, but name me another head coach with a longer playoff run other than Belichick. He has the ability to keep the whole Packers team gelling every year. I’d be wrong not to mention Rodgers here too, we are incredibly lucky to have these two individuals who bleed green and gold as much as I do!

Biggest weakness?

Biggest weakness is potentially the CB position group depending on how our rookies do. We hit a brick wall against the Falcons in the championship game, if we want to get to the big dance, this group needs to be solidified.

To win the Super Bowl my team need to…..

Get top seed in the NFC and then beat Patriots (probably). We always seem to hit a skid of results losing 3/4 on the bounce which ruins our seeding most years. I don’t think any team in the playoffs would fancy a January trip to the Lambeau. If we can be consistent throughout the year and finish top seed, the an NFC championship game in our favoured cold conditions may be just what we need.

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