New England Patriots fan preview: Do your job!

The latest in this series of fan previews comes from David Fierro and his team – the New England Patriots.

The reigning champions have arguably had the best offseason of any team in the league with the additions they have made. A scary prospect for the rest of the league.

How long have you been watching the NFL?
13 years but properly I’d say seven years now

How did you become a fan of the Patriots?

Febrary 1 2004 woke up and couldn’t sleep- turned on TV and watched the Patriots beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl – ever since then Pats fan and MVP Brady is my idol.

Who was the biggest loss for your team in the offseason?
I think it was LeGarrette Blount – powerhouse guy can never be replaced.

Who was the best addition?
Brandin Cooks – will be a big impact for the WR corp

Assuming no major injuries, what is the floor and what is the ceiling for your team this year?
Ceiling is to win the Super Bowl.
Floor would be to lose in the Conference Championships.

Who is the biggest threat in your division?
I think Pittsburgh. They have the team to go to the end.

Which player are you most excited to see in action?
Cooks – deep balls to him from Brady.

What is your team’s biggest strength?
Bill & Brady – with that Duo makes us stand out from the rest

Biggest weakness?
Position wise I would have to say RB or DE but will all come down if we can stay healthy

To win the Super Bowl my team need to…..
DO YOUR JOB!! And the rest will take care of itself – also stay injury free.

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