First annual Fantasy Football Mega League

The Mega League will be made up of four leagues, with the league winners and the two highest scoring, non-champions making up the postseason.

All leagues will be run on Yahoo with their standard scoring other than five points for passing touchdowns and all four leagues will be 1PPR.

Rosters will be QB,WR,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,W/R/T,K,DEF, 6 Bench Spots.

The drafts will be on the following dates:

Monday 28/8 8pm

Thursday 31/8 8pm

Sunday 3/9 6pm

Sunday 3/9 8pm

I’ll do my best to accommodate everybody’s needs.

One entry per person.

To enter please fill out the following form to let me know your preferences for draft times.

Also to enter the league you must like the Facebook page ( or the Twitter page ( Feel free to do both of course.

I will be in all four leagues as a commissioner. If I somehow win the league or win one of the wild card spots then I will not be eligible for the postseason. It will go to the next place. So either the runner up if I win a league or the next highest scorer if it is a wild card.

All decisions are final and I will be the one reviewing trades etc to make sure there is no collusion etc. Anybody found colluding will be removed from the league and ineligible for the postseason/prizes.


The top three finishers in the postseason league will receive the following:

1st NFL game jersey of your choice

2nd NFL Facility T Shirt from the team of your choice

3rd New Era cap from the team of your choice

The Postseason

The scoring will remain almost exactly the same but rosters will differ slightly.

The draft will be done in the week after the season before the start of the Wild Card games. It will done by skype/email/facebook/pigeon. We will work that out with the people that make it in.

Rosters will be made up of:

2 team QBs – so instead of drafting Tom Brady, you would draft the New England QBs so you would receive points from any player recognised as a QB from that team.

3 WRs

2 RBs

2 TEs

1 W/R/T

2 Kickers (Kickers will just receive three points for all field goals made and one point for XPs. No other points will be awarded based on distance or any misses)

No defences will be used in the postseason.

You can pick just one player per team. So every team will be made up of one player from each team making the playoffs.

If a player is injured then he can be swapped out for a replacement. However, once a player has been dropped then they are unavailable for selection for the rest of the competition.


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