True or False: Super Bowl edition

So here we are, the season is almost over and we have just one game left between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons and with it we have the last true or false of the season.

Things have changed in the past week or two on and we now have a number of new writers. There is already a lot more content so check some of it out.

Anyway, on to this week’s statements where we will decide if they are true or false. This week Dave Gray (@djg23), Dave Matthewman (@edwinrumbledove), Dan McLaughlin (@GridironGents), and John Macdonald (@HeelMacca) will be the ones making the decisions.


The Patriots will win the Super Bowl

Dave G – True. The more I look over the teams and their games from this season the more I feel like the Patriots win. I think the defence has more chance of slowing down (not stopping) the Falcons offence than the other way round. I also think people are underestimating just how good the Patriots offence is. Falcons have been incredible but New England haven’t been a million miles behind. Would it stun me to see Atlanta win? Do I think it is most likely? Not at all.

Dan – True… I think. This is a closer game than I think people think. I, however have the Pats winning.

John – True. I want Atlanta to win and I really think that could but it would be asking for a few things. If Atlanta get up by two TDs in the first half and the Pats have to chase the game. Pats don’t normally start strong in the Super Bowl. So maybe.

Dave M – I hope not. But probably. If there’s one thing history has taught us it’s that defence wins Championships and frankly, the Falcons don’t have one. Yes, they have a historical offense and are capable of scoring a bunch of points, but the Pats have a top-5 defence and a Coach who has a history of shutting down explosive offenses in Playoff situations.


If a quarterback does not win MVP, Julio Jones is the most likely to receive the award

John – True – I think that’s a given. 3 of the best players in league right there.

Dan – False, if the Falcons win and it’s not Matt Ryan I think that maybe Freeman or Coleman probably take it. Would be nice to see Alex Mack get some well deserved credit, but it’ll never happen.

Dave G – False. I think it is going to take a very unique set of circumstances for a WR to beat out a QB for the award. A running back who also returns kicks and is a huge weapon in the passing game though…. Hello Dion Lewis.



One or both of these teams will miss the playoffs entirely next season like last year’s Super Bowl teams

Dave M – True. Particularly if the Falcons win it all. The Pats have got a vice like grip on the AFC east and are unlikely to throw it away will Bill is in charge. As for the Falcons, well, it will be more difficult for them if only because they are in a more competitive division.  Next year it’s likely that the Buccs, Panthers and Saints all improve and the Falcons could be suffering from a hangover of sorts.

Dave G – False. But I wouldn’t be stunned if the Falcons missed out. The Bucs and Panthers are both going to be better next year and it isn’t crazy to think that Atlanta could miss out with a 9-7/10-6 record.

John – False- No way I don’t see this happening but a season is long time so maybe.

Dan – False. Both teams are built for the long haul. The Pats are just naturally built to last with insane depth, which until this season has been the Falcons biggest issue. Now they’re putting together a young team with plenty of back up. Despite the loss of Kyle Shanahan, this team looks like it’ll only get better, thanks to excellent drafting from Dimitroff.


Matt Ryan and Tom Brady will throw six or more touchdowns between them

Dave M – True. This is the most likely shoot out for a number of years. Unlike the Seahawks/Broncos match from a while back, this features two genuinely explosive offences, and only one great defence. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got four each!

Dave G – False. I think this is going to be sneakily defensive. Like 50 total points defensive, not 6-3.

Dan – True. They’re the top 2 QBs in the league right now.

John – True- I know that a lot but it could most definitely happen.


Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman will combine for more rushing yards than LeGarrette Blount and Dion Lewis

John – True – Again this depends on if the Flacons are up by a TD or more because that’s when they really get out there running game to eat the clock. Also if they are New England are not going to be running the ball while trying to chase the game.

Dan – False. Almost a trick question here. What’s great about both these running back groups is that they contain excellent pass catchers, in particular Coleman and Lewis. So take them out of the equation for this and it’s one on one Blount vs. Freeman as a pure runner. For this you have to say advantage Blount, going up against the Falcons defence, which is ever so slightly worse than the Pats D. Throwing a curve ball though, if you’re talking yards from scrimmage than you have to include James White in the conversation, who is sneakily one of the best YAC receivers (as a back) in the league

Dave G – False. The Patriots are very good against the run. The Falcons? Not so much. As mentioned above, Lewis is a sneaky pick for me for MVP and I think he could be in for a huge game.

Dave M – False. I worry for the Falcons defensive line against the power of Blount and the versatility of Dion Lewis. Freeman and Coleman have had an exceptional season, but if the Falcons win this game, it will be because Matt Ryan continued to distribute the ball to a myriad of players as well as the run. Blount and Lewis can exploit the Falcons defense in more ways than one and that will result in them having more yards.

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