Super Bowl Prop Bets: Don’t care if the Falcons or Patriots win? Look this way.

The Super Bowl, the biggest sporting event in the world but for fans of 30 of the 32 teams in the league, they really don’t care that much who wins. So why not bet on everything but the result. Lady Gaga’s first song. We’ve got it covered. The colour of the Gatorade poured over the coach. Covered. The most important of them all – the coin toss. Covered.


Coin Toss – Heads (Evens)

It’s been a bad run for heads on the biggest stage of them all. After dominating between 2007 and 2013 with a quite incredible run of six wins in seven, tails has taken over with three straight victories. The trio of wins for tails have left them leading the overall series 26-24 but look for heads to come up big here. Start your Super Bowl off right by backing heads.


Longshot MVP winners – Logan Ryan and Keanu Neal (Both 250/1)

This game has been built up as a battle of the offences but the defences could be the ones that really decide the game. These two have emerged as two of the most important players on each defence and have the potential to make a couple of picks to really decide the game. If either can run them back for a pick six then they could put themselves in position to steal the award from the quarterbacks.


Gatorade colour poured over the winning coach – Orange (7/2)

Have a quick look through the latest images of the Gatorade showers here.

Notice anything? Of course you did. Lots of orange. Sure, there was some water earlier on but this isn’t 2007. Make the smart bet and back Bill Belichick or Dan Quinn to be covered in orange Gatorade at the end of the game.


National anthem length – under 128.5 seconds (5/6)

We all saw Aretha Franklin’s rendition on Thanksgiving, didn’t we? It would not shock me to find out she was still going to be honest with you. I’d expect Luke Bryan to learn from her mistakes and keep the anthem short and sweet.


Lady Gaga’s first song – Poker Face (4/6)

She may not be your cup of tea so what better way to liven up this halftime performance than backing Gaga to pull out the song that really made her famous first of all. The odds have shortened on this throughout the week and you won’t need to keep your poker face when you hear this song come on first.

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