Super Bowl LI: MVP Candidates

The obvious choices

Tom Brady (5/6) and Matt Ryan (15/8)

It seems easier to just group these two together. Whoever wins, the quarterback will be the favourite to take the award.

This game has the highest over/under in Super Bowl history so that tells you that the game is expected to be about the offence.

These have arguably been the best two players in the league this season and there is no reason to think that they won’t be the best players on the field on Sunday.

I’m sure a lot of Patriots fans will be delighted to see Brady pick up the award from Roger Goodell.

Excluding the quarterbacks

Julio Jones (16/1)

Probably the most important non-quarterback on either roster with Rob  Gronkowski injured.

Jones seems almost unstoppable at times but Bill Belichick has shown time and time again that he is the master at drawing up a game plan to slow down a team’s key weapon.

If Jones can continue his fantastic postseason though, he will be right at the top of the list of candidates come Sunday night.

However, even with a huge game for Julio, it is still more likely that Matt Ryan gets the award. 180 yards and three touchdowns may not even be enough to take the award for a wide receiver in this game.

Dion Lewis (33/1)

In terms of outsiders, Lewis may be the most intriguing. The running back contributes to this team in so many different ways including special teams so he is going to have a lot of opportunities to produce the sort of moment that sees people named MVP.

If he can return a kick for a touchdown and add a rushing or passing score then Lewis is one of the players that really could take this award away from the quarterbacks.

The long shots

Devin McCourty and Robert Alford (Both 150/1)

Malcolm Smith showed in Super Bowl XLVIII that turnovers can lead to a win in this award and at 150/1, these defensive backs might be worth a bet if you are looking for a long shot.

If either can make a couple of interceptions or even one that they run back, they will catapult themselves straight into contention for the award.


Dave Gray

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